Car Seats

Car Seats

Does anybody know how many car seats will fit in the back of the model 3?

AJPHL | 02. Juli 2017

Nope, but my guess is two.

mason.smothermon | 02. Juli 2017

I am not sure as to how many, but this article might help give an indication. I seriously doubt 3 rear-facing seats would fit.

PhillyGal | 03. Juli 2017

Not all car seats are created equally, as you know. 2 infant seats but a third is possible if 1-2 are smaller boosters.
I was in the rear of a prototype at a reveal with 2 men. I'm about as small as an adult can be and sat in the middle. My hubs is not tall but his shoulders are broad. The other dude was quite large. We all fit but we touched of course.

I just hope for sake of parents of young kids that Tesla changed the rear seat belt buckles because the Model S requires you to both be a petite contortionist and have hulk like strength to buckle the belts over a child sitting in a booster.

jefjes | 03. Juli 2017

You mean most people don't carry their kids around like Casey Anthony? With the improved trunk opening and a roll of duct tape, the quiet EV experience can remain in effect. Smallest get the frunk and larger ones in the trunk.

Sick joke, I know.

eeb9 | 03. Juli 2017

This is one of many reasons why it's demonstrably a good thing that I never had kids... I was just mentally working out the logistics of getting three of them in the trunk... |-D