Phone docking for iPhone but not android?

Phone docking for iPhone but not android?

I noticed that there is only docking for the the iPhone and not for android in the latest video of the interior tour from motor trend. Anyone know if this will be an option for iphone or android or how this works? (

Brian | 18. August 2017

On the shopping page, if you go to Model 3, you can get a phone charging cord. You have the options of Lightning, USB-C, or Micro USB, so as long as your phone takes one of these cords, you are all set.

Carl Thompson | 18. August 2017

Am I the only person that's already bought accessories (including the Android USB-C charging dock cord) long before I'll even have the opportunity to order?


jacroseiii | 18. August 2017

Great, thanks, Brian.

Haha, Carl, you might be the only one but I'm sure there are plenty of others out there.

Garyeop | 18. August 2017

S8 has a whole new charging connector. And it would be sweet to have something I could hang my watch on to recharge in the car. It is hard to plan for everything when they can change connectors every year. I guess Bluetooth and wireless charging are the only connection and charging standards for now.

Darkon | 18. August 2017

Carl: I've been trying to place an order for the dock cables but the store won't let me log in (gives an error when I hit the login button when trying to check out). Maybe I already need to have a Tesla before it will let me buy something?

JustSaying | 18. August 2017

I bought the Model 3 shade and a wall connector on the Model 3 accessory page and I don't have a S/X or 3.

PaceyWhitter | 18. August 2017

The galaxy S8 uses a USB-C connector.

Darkon | 18. August 2017

JustSaying: Thanks for the info! I'm using a Mac, so maybe it's an issue with the browser.

Question: Does anyone know if you get a discount on the Wall Connector when buying it with your Tesla (of if you can buy it when you configure and order your Tesla)?

Even if you don't, I read that if you buy it with the Tesla, the warranty is longer for items bought and delivered with the car. Here is the relevant section from the Wall Connector Installation Guide (Warranty section):

"General Terms
Subject to the exclusions and limitations described below, the Charging Equipment Limited Warranty covers the refund, repair or replacement necessary to remedy any manufacturing defects in Tesla manufactured and supplied Wall Connector that occur under normal use for a period of 48 months, and Mobile Connector or charging adapter that occur under normal use for a period of 12 months from the date of invoice to the customer. Any Tesla connector or adapter included in the initial purchase and delivery of a Tesla vehicle by Tesla is covered under the Basic Vehicle Limited Warranty section of the New Vehicle Limited Warranty for 4 years or 50,000 miles (80,000 km), whichever comes rst, subject to the terms and conditions of the New Vehicle Limited Warranty."

rajalucy | 18. August 2017

why not 1 for android and 1 for i phone or give the option when you build it online

Darkon | 18. August 2017

FYI: I was able to place an order in the Tesla store only after creating a new account. For some reason when I use the account I created when placing my M3 preorder, it gives me an authentication-related error. Not really a big problem in this case because I just ordered a couple of dock cables for the M3, but I'd like future purchases (such as the wall or mobile connector) to show up under my main account. Hopefully they'll get the issue fixed soon.

Frank99 | 18. August 2017

>>> the warranty is longer for items bought and delivered
It reads to me like they're the same for the wall connector - 48 months if bought seperately, or 4 years if you buy it with the car. Actually, it's better if you don't buy it with the car, because there's no mileage exclusion. (ha ha) (My kids don't get my humor either).

Now, buying a second UMC looks like getting it with the car is a much better warranty - 12 months v. 4 years.

jkoeller | 18. August 2017

Carl: I already ordered and received a Tesla J1772 adapter for the Clipper Creek HCS60 that I have in my garage. What can I say, I was itching to own some Tesla hardware! :o)

I know an adapter will come with the Model 3, but I'll want to keep that one with the car.

backfixr | 18. August 2017

I've already purchased two phone charging cables and the glass roof shade from the Tesla store.
I feel like a kid in the candy store!!

Carl Thompson | 18. August 2017

"Carl: I already ordered and received a Tesla J1772 adapter for the Clipper Creek HCS60 that I have in my garage."

Yup, I did the exact same thing because I wanted one for my garage J1772 EVSE and one to keep in my car. I also bought a USB-C cable even though I suspect they'll give you one when you pick up the car.