Best wishes to all in Texas and Louisiana!

Best wishes to all in Texas and Louisiana!

My son lives just outside of Houston in Missouri City, Texas, and is awaiting Hurricane Harvey's impact. Just wanted to say to those Forum members and their families in harms way what I said to my son, "Stay safe!"

KP in NPT | 25. August 2017

I'm watching an intense storm chaser on periscope - he was in the eye wall for what seems like forever. I think the eye is about over him finally. but it's been nerve wracking!

Seriously, I hope people got out of there.

KP in NPT | 25. August 2017

Yikes. His feed ended as the building he was taking shelter in collapsed, apparently. :(

Chargedmr2 | 26. August 2017

Thanks! We're in pretty good shape over in the Houston area, but if this plays out as expected, the flooding is going to be very bad. Hope everyone is OK down in the Rockport Corpus Christi area!

ReD eXiLe ms us | 26. August 2017

Typically here in Mississippi, we get 'spinoff weather' from the Hurricanes in the Gulf of Mexico. Rather than being hit directly, there are thunderstorms, flash floods, hail, and tornadoes. Right now though, I'm fine. Just a cool, overcast day which seems to be threatening rain later on... But indeed, for those who are in harm's way, "Stay safe!"

Tesla2018 | 26. August 2017

Make sure that you get gas if possible. During the hurricanes in FL we had no power for over 2 weeks. Gas stations couldnt pump gas and people couldnt use their cars or run generators. Best thing to do is evacuate if possible.Good Luck and stay safe. If anyone is stranded at the West Palm Beach FL airport and cant get home email me at lotu5eli5e @ yahoo . com if you need help.

mcccblock | 26. August 2017

So if you have to evacuate - how long will the superchargers be effective on the roads?

and can you charge the car batteries using a gas powered generator?

Thanks for the answers.

Shesmyne2 | 26. August 2017

Be safe Tesla Gulf Coast friends!

Still Grinning ;-)

Lonestar10_1999 | 26. August 2017

I bought a portable generator from Lowes in the aftermath of hurricane Sandy. The generator has a 240vac outlet rated at 30 amps. I would expect that in a power outage, the generator would be able to recharge the EV.

rxlawdude | 26. August 2017

Hoping that our Gulf state colleagues are staying safe and dry. Looks like the flooding aftermath will be the real disaster.

Bluesday Afternoon | 26. August 2017


Excessive rains and tornadoes. Missouri City had a tornado touch down on the other side of town where my son lives. He said they lost power last night but it was restored quickly. He was unable to go to work today due to the flooded streets which is not a surprise given the amount of rain. He did store extra food and water in preparation for the storm.

rxlawdude | 26. August 2017

Yep. A stationary hurricane/tropical storm spinning over land for a few days is bad news.

CC396 | 26. August 2017

Agreed! Model Y needs to come sooner!!!

Ehninger1212 | 26. August 2017

I appreciate that, been prepping my house for floods all morning. Tornado hit less than a mile from me

Bluesday Afternoon | 26. August 2017


Where are you located?

noleaf4me | 26. August 2017

I have a niece in Houston -- she drove up to Ft. Worth yesterday. There is going to be some serious devastation from this storm.....God bless - and our prayers are with y'all

Chargedmr2 | 27. August 2017


Remember that sub car from TSWLM that you were going to build? I'll take two!!!

Hope everyone is hanging in their--the flooding is epic down here.

mdn1310 | 27. August 2017

Hi - we are in Sienna Plantation - lots of heavy rain and a quick poke around the attic revealed a number of leaks in a valley of the roof. Potential disaster averted with plastic tubs, garden hose, duct tape and a shop vac ... but this is "early days" and more to come I understand ...

carlk | 27. August 2017

Houston is where I went to school, got married and my son was born. Lots of great fond memories of the place. Hope everyone is well there.

dd.micsol | 28. August 2017

This wouldn't have happened to texas if lobbyists weren't there to ban tesla sales. It's god getting even with them.

andy.connor.e | 28. August 2017

I have never experienced flooding of any kind. I cant even imagine....

carlk | 28. August 2017

dd.micsol I too wanted say that should teach you something but I realized it's not appropriate here since people who come here are all Tesla owners.

carlk | 28. August 2017

Just realized this is 3 forum not S forum. At least people who come here are potential Tesla owners and many probably own an EV already.

Ehninger1212 | 28. August 2017


West side in Katy. My house is located very close to buffalo bayou. It crested its banks yesterday around 4pm. We all got out safely. Cannot get back yet.

Bluesday Afternoon | 28. August 2017


I just flagged your comment as inappropriate. People are suffering and you spout off an insensitive idiotic response!

Ehninger1212 | 28. August 2017


Your a worthless piece of sh!t

KP in NPT | 28. August 2017

But he's a genius!!! IQ of 168, galvanized and gold plated Tesla, Elon and Franz on speed dial, multimillionaire - and we would all feel really embarrassed if we knew who he REALLY is!!

Flagged too. :)

bigd | 28. August 2017

Carlk "dd.micsol I realized it's not appropriate here" +100

Captain_Zap | 28. August 2017


The last word I got about charging a Model S with a generator is that it is not possible because the electricity is "dirty" and the car will not accept a charge.

dd.micsol | 29. August 2017

My god... r All of you that dumb? It was a simple joke. Geez. Delete it for all I care.

Bighorn | 29. August 2017

dd is available for weddings and Bar Mitzvahs.

LA-Fohlen | 29. August 2017

All the best to the guys in the South as well as Louisiana from Northern Texas.

ReD eXiLe ms us | 29. August 2017

Meh. I snorted a little. Then kept scrolling past it. | 29. August 2017

dd was caught on camera recently while at work:

It is hard to grasp how devastating 4 feet of rain can be at a distance. I hope all the rescue and shelter efforts pay off.

KP in NPT | 29. August 2017

@George LOL!!!!!!!

bmz | 29. August 2017

The rains are indeed catastrophic. Fortunately however Texas dodged a bullet because the eastern and southeastern eye wall came in over uninhabited lands. If you look at the video posted above, the eastern and southeastern eye wall had winds about 15 miles an hour higher--now that's catastrophic. If that had hit Houston it would've been worse than Katrina.

ReD eXiLe ms us | 29. August 2017

President georgehawley: That guy is really good at his job! Really rakes in the dough.

rxlawdude | 29. August 2017

@ReD eXiLe ms us: " I snorted a little. "

Drugs are bad, mkay?

Mr.Tesla | 29. August 2017

I found out what DD stands for.

https://youtu. be/_j1-xQA_ufE

Ehninger1212 | 29. August 2017


It's still pretty freaking bad. I have lost just about everything except my Land Rover and a few pair of clothes.