Where have you seen a Model 3 spotted?

Where have you seen a Model 3 spotted?

I did not take this video, this is, however, an M3 spotted in West Palm Beach, FL. not far from me. I would love to get out there and see it in person and very excited about it

https://tinyurl com/y92fp8c8

afroumis | 28. August 2017

I had an appointment at the VA hospital in Palo Alto and was near the Tesla headquarters. Decided to drive by in case one of the employees had a model 3 plugged in and was pleasantly surprised to find three of them being charged next to the lobby area. My wife and I took a closer look before the security people came over to ask our intentions. We told them we had a 3 on order and they let us take a longer look. We are even more convinced that it's the right car for us!

RedShift | 28. August 2017

Behind the bushes right behind the Fremont supercharger.

Carl Thompson | 28. August 2017

Saw a red one one evening on I880 north in Fremont on my way home from work then saw a blue one the next morning on CA237 west in Milpitas on my way to work.


JeffreyR | 28. August 2017

I saw RC#67 on Saratoga Ave. near Campbell, CA as it crossed the 280 overpass.

sbeggs | 28. August 2017

What were you doing in the bushes?

RedShift | 28. August 2017

I am a hunter. I was stalking, obviously.

sbeggs | 28. August 2017

I am a gatherer. But I do like venison.

Tesla2018 | 28. August 2017

Cant make out details on my mobile phone.Can anyone tell if the one in the video had dealer had a FL license plate on it or was it a manufactuers car? I drive by that charging station frequntly since its down the ztreet from me and there was a car in the lot behind the superchargers with a cover on it last week and all the others were uncovered. I didnt stop since but am now wondering if it may have been this car that might have been getting prepped for delivery that they wanted to keep disguised.

RedShift | 28. August 2017


Ever eaten an Austrich burger? See, they say it is less fatty, but you eat more of it.

RedShift | 28. August 2017

*Ostrich. God!

Frank99 | 28. August 2017

Austrich - well-to-do citizens of Austria.
Austrich burger - something that's best not to think about too much...

Nexxus | 29. August 2017

I saw a model 3 spotted right after it dum bum!! I'm here all week folks!

Seriously, there was a white one out this way (East) headed for New York, but I didn't get to see it.

davem2421 | 29. August 2017

@Tesla2018, I was curious about the same thing. I couldn't make out the plate either. I've driven by that location but didn't pay that much attention to it. | 29. August 2017

I thought I saw a spotted one but it was only the shadow.

RedShift | 29. August 2017

I thought I thaw a puddy tat!

I followed a white one yesterday evening on Milmont drive till the intersection with Kato rd in Fremont. Gave the driver's thumbs up sign.

tich | 29. August 2017

I saw a white one in Marina del Rey the other night. Had MFG plates.

andy.connor.e | 29. August 2017

By "seeing a model 3 spotted" do you mean if i've seen someone else who spotted it? This seems like a 2nd person POV question.

SUN 2 DRV | 29. August 2017

It has Tesla manufacturer plates

davem2421 | 29. August 2017

@andy.connor.e potato / patato


andy.connor.e | 29. August 2017


rxlawdude | 29. August 2017

Are we sure that MFR plates are on PRODUCTION M3s? I'd guess it's more likely these are the pre-production cars seen for months.

Tesla2018 | 29. August 2017

Found out the black one in West Palm was part of a traveling tour for employees to get a look at the car and the service department to learn about it. It was filmed as it was leaving for the day.