3rd party displays

3rd party displays

Will Model 3 software and hardware support user added displays?

Will it be possible to add a Model S type driver display yourself without hacking and voiding warranty?

Is there extra display outputs available on the hardware side at all?

hoffmannjames | 31. August 2017

Well, it will be possible to use a 3rd party HUD like the one by Navdy. In terms of actually adding physical displays like the model S display into the dash, I am not sure.

andy.connor.e | 31. August 2017

Could get something like this

htt ps://ww w.kickstarter.c om/projects/361842686/hudway-cast-keep-your-eyes-on-the-road?ref=category_popular

Sandy’s 3 | 31. August 2017

In its current form Navdy won't work if there is not an OBD 2 port since that is the 'plug-in' for the Navdy. Since the OBD 2 port is emissions, fuel, ignition and O2 sensor related I highly doubt Tesla would install one. What would it monitor?

Carl Thompson | 31. August 2017


The Model 3 will have an OBD2 port because every car sold in the US is required to have one. It may not give you any useful information, though.


Fredbob711 | 31. August 2017

You can also receive speed, throttle position, and various other info from OBDII ports. I've got a bluetooth OBDII adapter that I've used to diagnose a few problems with my Fusion and my wife's Rogue. There's an app called Torque you can get on Android phones that connects to bluetooth OBDII adapters and you can use it to create your own instrument cluster on your device (in addition to looking up error codes)
I knew one guy who actually used a tablet mount in front of the physical instrument cluster on his Dodge Caliber (I think) running Torque.
I imagine it might be dependent on manufacturer to implement those various fields though?

topher | 31. August 2017

The Model S HAS an ODBII port, but it doesn't provide any useful information. Rumor is that the Model 3 got a complete exemption, but even if not, it is unlikely to provide the required information. That said, Navdy has evidently claimed that they will make their HUD work on the Model 3.

Thank you kindly