SGIP Rebate (PG&E)

SGIP Rebate (PG&E)

I'd really appreciate it if someone who has had Tesla file for their SGIP rebate could post the application that Tesla filed. I've tried for hours to get certain basic specifications that are part of the SGIP application process, but no one at Tesla or Solar City has been able to supply the specs. Particularly, I need to know

Ah and Discharge Duration

specifications which are required by SGIP. It's odd that despite hours on hold that no one seems to be able to come up with accurate information. I was given inaccurate info by a Tesla concierge today (after holding for half an hour while she researched it). No one is being "bad", but for some reason their incentive department is absolutely unreachable by even internal Tesla employees. This department knows the answers because they file the applications.

Anyone? Please help.

BTW, I was told today that the TOU upgrades to the powerwalls will be sent out before year end.

olidx | 09. November 2017


I am looking into getting a PowerWall and was curious if you got a response to your question(s). From talking to Tesla advisors, it sounds like they are reaching the cap for step 3 applications. Is it possible to get in a different bin when applying separately - is it the reason why you seem to apply on your own?

Thank you