Mosel 3 tax credits

Mosel 3 tax credits

Hi, I am curious to know if the federal and state ( CA ) credits are claimable on the basis of the reservation date or the actual purchase contract signing date or the delivery date. I made my reservation online within a minute of the reservation line being open last year March (?). I do not know where I am in the line, but shouldn't be far behind, I think. If my vehicle doesn't come up for contracting, say, until January ---- March. April 0f '18, will my eligibility for tax credit be affected by that or will it be determined by the date I made the reservation? I ask because if the contracting date applies then Tesla may very well have sold beyond the prescribed number of EVs for tax credit purposes by the time March- April of '18 comes, whereas if the reservation date counts, then I may still have a chance.
I hope I make sense.
If anybody has an answer to share, I will appreciate hearing that.
Thanks in advance.

stevenmaifert | 10. Oktober 2017

The Federal Qualified Plug-in Electric Drive Motor Vehicle Credit is claimed in the tax year the vehicle is placed in service: For most folks, that's the day they take delivery.

State rebate requirements vary by state. Here are the Model 3 requirements for California as an example:

karabisen | 10. Oktober 2017

Thank you so much for the information and the links. Appreciate it.