Used Model 3 for sale

Used Model 3 for sale

Not mine, just came across it on Craigslist.

I want one really bad but $150K, holy crap!! I'd buy an S. But like the article said, maybe Audi BMW or MB would want it.

roadkill | 11. Oktober 2017

forgot the link:

Crap, dang link won't work.

help anyone?

roadkill | 11. Oktober 2017

thank you

locnguyencalalum | 11. Oktober 2017

I'm not sure if that's serious or just a troll. At that price range, you can get a P100D model X or S with spare money

JustSaying | 11. Oktober 2017


ReD eXiLe ms us | 11. Oktober 2017

Meh. That would probably be the lowest possible price point if offered through 'independent franchised dealerships' who are able to charge 'what the market can bear' without fear of consequence when a hot new supposedly 'rare' ICE vehicle arrives. Once again, I'll relate the tale of how an 'independent franchised dealership' in Santa Monica was able to sell the original $13,000 Mazda Miata for $32,000 each, because another 'independent franchised dealership' in Orange County was offering the same 'rare' vehicle for $40,000 instead. The only reasin they stopped gouging was because a locak television news crew sneaked a peak over the back fence and found they had about a dozen of them hidden on the lot. Naturally, they had been telling potential customers that the manufacturer was parcelling them out piecemeal... But in reality, they were just creating a fiction that allowed them to sell one a week at around 400% profit, then roll out a new one from the back that was 'just off the truck' so the bidding wars could continue amidst the feeding frenzy caused by the car's artificial 'rarity'.

PhillyGal | 11. Oktober 2017

Interesting observation that another manufacturer may want it for that price. I sure as heck wouldn't. I'll take a Model S with money to spare, thankyouverymuch.

andy.connor.e | 11. Oktober 2017

You will only be able to think you can sell a Model 3 at $150k until about May next year. You could get a brand new fully optioned out to the max Model S for less than that used Model 3. Some people dont understand how much something is worth.

ReD eXiLe ms us | 11. Oktober 2017

PhillyGal: Heh. If offered through 'independent franchised dealerships' the Model S 100D wouldn't be a dime under $180,000. The Model S P100D would be $250,000 to start, and you'd have to add $50,000 at least to get LUDICROUS mode. So, yeah... The Model 3 would be the 'cheap' Tesla at 'only' a 200% markup above MSRP, if you were lucky. This is whyNADA is working so hard to force Tesla into using 'independent franchised dealerships', from their point of view Tesla is leaving a lot of money on the table that would be theirs instead by offering their cars for so little dough.

Tropopause | 11. Oktober 2017

If this supposed owner in Santa Cruz took advantage of the CA BEV rebate, they'll be in violation of the 30 month minimum ownership clause. Of course, if they can get within $2,500 of what they paid, they'll be able to repay the rebate and break even. Not sure of the minimum ownership requirement for the $7,500 tax credit.

KP in NPT | 11. Oktober 2017

I bet it will sell, maybe close to that price. I can totally see a competitor buying - especially if they didn't make an early reservation. ;-)

ReD eXiLe ms us | 11. Oktober 2017

KP in NPT: Any competitor that hadn't put in their own Model 3 Reservation by April 7, 2016 either is much dumber than I thought or has absolutely no interest in mass market EVs, just as I thought.

andy.connor.e | 11. Oktober 2017

You can buy a Model S 100D for less than this, and have it in a few months. Why would you ever pay that much more for less, just so you dont have to wait for it? You're literally paying more for a car that has less performance specifications in every single category so you dont have to wait for it. This person probably put the car up for sale because he could. A "haha i own this car" kind of thing.

KP in NPT | 11. Oktober 2017

@ReD - I would not be surprised if competitors had no idea how crazy reservations would get - since the number took the majority by surprise - assuming they even had the forethought to place one - which I'm not sure they did. Because to your point, their interest back then wasn't nearly as keen as it seems to be today.

So yes, if they did, they should have done it in the days immediately following the unveil, since by then we all knew how many there were, generally speaking. A lot has happened between then and now, with so many announcing their future BEV plans.

But it only takes one buyer...

mos6507 | 11. Oktober 2017

And so it begins...

The key phrase:

"It wasn’t clear how Tesla could actually enforce that since automakers technically have little power over a vehicle after it’s delivered unless it is leased."

Scalping is as old as the hills. It's slimey but it's the free market.

Rutrow | 11. Oktober 2017

"It wasn’t clear how Tesla could actually enforce that since automakers technically have little power over a vehicle after it’s delivered unless it is leased."

But they can stop paying the employee who took delivery of that S/N. Short term win... long term loss.

PhillyGal | 11. Oktober 2017

@Red - Good (sad) point about the price a Model S may be if a dealer was involved. I scoff at the dealer near my house that tried to sell us our Jeep at $9k OVER sticker price because they assumed showing us the "low low monthly payment" would trick us. A-holes.

Also good point about competitors being fools if they didn't put down a reservation last April when the big numbers were first reported.

AJPHL | 11. Oktober 2017

Surprised it took this long for one to go on the market. If this person is truly risking their career by breaking some form of agreement, I'd figure they should at least make it worth their while. $150K seems low if they're targeting a corporate buyer.

patrick40363 | 11. Oktober 2017

The owner will probably be an investor/board member who will not be under an obligation not to sell.

roadkill | 11. Oktober 2017

Owner removed the listing from Craigslist.

Either sold it (I doubt it but want to know) or got told to take it down.

Frank99 | 11. Oktober 2017

Or got hundreds of messages from people expressing the entire range of human emotions, and he decided he'd made a mistake...

andy.connor.e | 11. Oktober 2017

Or thats exactly what he wanted.

noleaf4me | 11. Oktober 2017

Do y'all remember I started a thread way back -- how much would someone have to pay you for you to sell your Model 3? Well -- that price would work for me!

carlk | 11. Oktober 2017

Some people (unreasonably) complained price of the Model 3 but let's see how much you would have to pay for yours if it is sold through a dealer.

carlk | 11. Oktober 2017


"If this person is truly risking their career by breaking some form of agreement, "

Or this person could be an ex-employee already.