Installing after-market electronic accessories (dash cam)

Installing after-market electronic accessories (dash cam)

I have a Model S that I'd like to add a Dash cam to. I bought a Thinkware f800 Pro (front and rear) which comes with a lighter plug (useless in a Tesla) and a wiring kit.

Anyone have recommendations or lessons learned to share about a job like this? What did you connect to? Who did it? (Tesla won't touch it).

Also, can someone and add a search option for forums so I can see if someone else posted something about this? | 18. Oktober 2017

I've looked the older F770 model, and the F800 is almost identical, with somewhat better low light performance. They are both very good choices. You can install it yourself or most car stereo installers can do it. Earlier this year I wrong a detailed comparison of the most popular dashcams for Tesla, along with install instructions and other details you may find useful: | 18. Oktober 2017

wrong -> wrote

I've updated the article to now cover the F800 and F800 Pro that were released last week.

EVRider | 19. Oktober 2017

See this thread for tips on searching the forum:

rsb234 | 22. November 2019

I tried directions from to install f800 pro to my tesla 90d.
I bought harness kit from ebay from mentioned link.
I followed all directions but camera wont power on when I try to hardwire through harness kit.
Camera powered on through cigarette ligher cable.
We checked voltage and we see power coming through fuses.
Is something wrong with power cable or am I missing something for hardwire install
Thanks | 22. November 2019

If power is on the dashcam side of the fuse, check if power is at the connector for the dashcam. It should help isolate where the break or misconnection is located.