Vinyl Wraps For Tesla Model's S-X-3

Vinyl Wraps For Tesla Model's S-X-3

I've been looking online for more examples of Vinyl Wrap in the Los Angeles area for specifically Tesla vehicles. I will be creating a specific Tesla Vinyl Wrap gallery on for those who would be interested, but I would like to see more examples.

looking for some more vinyl wrap inspiration!

Being in the auto industry and owning my own Model X I have come to realize that many owners want to make modifications and tweaks right when they drive off the lot. I should have everything up within a month and i'll keep you all updated with photos! Thanks to all who can assist. I can drop an email if you find any images online that you can send.

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SCCRENDO | 19. Oktober 2017

This is not the yellow pages


outdoorfunguy85 | 02. November 2017

You might want to visit They have a lot of wraps, 3M Vinyl Wraps or Avery Denison Vinyl Wraps, with lots of types and colors to choose from.