Founder Edition vs Base Rounder

Founder Edition vs Base Rounder

Does anyone know what the difference will be?

golestanipanah | 17. November 2017

Sorry for the auto-correct, I meant to say "Roadster." The Roadster 2020 to be exact.

Haggy | 17. November 2017

You can edit your original post and fix the subject line.

I have no idea what the difference is. I might call Tesla and ask for details but I don't think I'm likely to put the money down on a Founder edition so I might not.

The difference I know of is that Musk said that the specs listed were for the base model, and that implies that the Founder series will do better. The other is that you can get the base model for about the price of a Model S, not counting the down payment. At least that's how I phrased it when I told my wife.

carlk | 17. November 2017

I did reserve a base model. I would reserve the founder edition if not that i need to pay the full price upfront. For people who have $250K free money laying around that's a no brainer.

pranfire | 17. November 2017

i thought it was reservation price PLUS the car price. guess its the same

Tropopause | 17. November 2017

Congrats, Carlk!

inconel | 17. November 2017

I am jealous carlk

carlk | 17. November 2017

Thanks guys. I know it's s cliche but that is my dream car and it's even better than I've imagined. I know it's a lot of money but I'm willing to live on the streets to buy one, long as I can find a place to charge it..

bli8 | 17. November 2017

carlk you can stay overnight at the superchargers. I reserved a "base" model and looking forward to feeling this beast. BTW I own and have owned a 950HP Ford GT, various Vipers, Corvettes, Ferraris and Porsches, and a Mclaren, and I think this Roadster will trump them all.

Tropopause | 18. November 2017

Carlk- you can sleep in the X.

Bli8- congrats!

madickinson | 18. November 2017

We have started the process to reserve the Founders Edition - my concern is that the terms and conditions indicate the $250K is not held in any kind of trust or escrow. Does anyone know what kind of surety Tesla offers on the money being held? i.e. God forbid but what if the company went into financial difficulty?

inconel | 18. November 2017

Trop +1
X has Camper mode now

Tropopause | 18. November 2017


The way I read that fine print is primarily to state that your money will not earn any sort of interest in case you desire a refund. Essentially you're giving Tesla an interest free loan. As for the company running into financial trouble, all bets are off as would be the case with any industry, in my opinion. Congrats on your Roadster reservation. | 18. November 2017

@madickinson - Yep, there is some risk. I plunked down a deposit on my first S in 2009, 4 years before I got my S. Now that was taking a risk, yet the product was so good. The test ride in the prototype when it was announced made me see the light :) I'm sure some of my friends thought I was nuts.

Wish I could have gotten a test ride in the new Roadster. Still debating if I should get it as I makes zero sense for my needs - but hey, you only live once!

dortor | 18. November 2017

carlk if you really believe Tesla is going to do so well - you're pretty foolish to park $50,000 with Tesla for zero interest for the 2 years (probably 3)

why don't you buy $50,000 worth of Tesla stock - if Tesla does well -and you seem to feel strongly they will do well - the investment will fund purchasing 100's of Roadsters.

I'm serious - based on Tesla stock performance - we would all be better off buying TSLA stock with deposit money - and so far history shows this to be a wise course of action.

congrats on your car - it will be awesome to drive - 1.9 0-60 and 4.2 0-100 is spectacular performance - and the low COG handling will be better than any other sports car on the street.

dortor | 18. November 2017

$1000 Model 3 deposit in March of 2016 - TSLA stock was $185'sih - today $315.05 - excellent return - $1000 would've bought 5.405 shared in march of '16 - and today that deposit would be worth $1702.97 - or about 70% return - wow - that's awesome for less than a 2 year investment (march '16)

Model X deposit was was $5000 in Feb. 2012 - price was $33.75'is in Feb. 2012 - $5000 invested in TSLA stock = 148.148 shares - started shipping in volume march of 2016 - $232.74 share price in march of '16 - $34,480 value on $5000 invested.

Anyone serious about Tesla and bullish about Tesla should take their deposit and invest it with TSLA - if the 3 comes to market, the Semi does well, and Model Y - your $50,000 deposit could be work many times more than that in 2020 or 2021 when the Roadster 2.0 is available....

dortor | 18. November 2017

Model X deposit is a 689% return on 4 years (Feb. 2012 to March 2016) - or about 172% annual return…

TSLA bull says stock price will be $1000 in 2020

buy $50,000 of TSLA stock today at $315.05 - that's 158.7 shares - hold the money until you need it to purchase the Roadster when it comes out in 2020 - price target $1000 - that will be $158,704 - or 63% of the total purchase price of the Roadster - seems like a no brainer…

dortor | 18. November 2017

$250,000 founders edition deposit will be 793.524 shares on monday morning opening
2020 stock price of $1000 - will be $793,524 in 2020 when the Roadster goes on sale...

man I'm almost tempted to do this....

jkfarber | 18. November 2017

I bought my first Roadster with TSLA profits and fully expect to pay for my Founders with TSLA profits (getting close). Most fun investments I've ever had.

Jimdow | 19. November 2017

Just ordered my roadster. I own a P100D and I have a Model 3 (dual motor when available) on order. I can't imagine what the performance of the Roadster will feel like. Hope 2020 doesn't turn into 2021 or 2022!
Just speculating.... if they can build a roadster with that battery capacity and motor configuration, why not a super Model S with a similar drivetrain

Tropopause | 19. November 2017

Jimdow- I think Tesla will! This may have been a window into the future of Tesla's battery capability. It shows that range will exceed ICE cars as well as performance and other factors that have already surpassed the fossil fuel technology.

inconel | 19. November 2017

Electric cars are only at the beginning of their S-shaped technological evolution whereas ICE are already at their flattened maturity phase. It is game over in the next few years.

PhillyGal | 20. November 2017

Congrats to all those who have reserved!

Dreamknightmanga | 20. November 2017

I'm reserving a base model because that's the most money I'm willing to part without an interest return. From my understanding, there is a way to change over to a founder's edition so long as they haven't met the maximum orders allowed. I'd rather invest the the 150k stock. We hope this car will come out in 2020, but If not, at least I'll have more money in my account. Worst case scenario is I'll get the base- which I'm more than satisfied with.

carlk | 20. November 2017

Rumor has it the founder's series were all sold out the first night. It's just a rumor of course but I can't imaging there are not that many celebrities, Silicon Valley entrepreneurs etc. who can easily come up with that kind of spending money for the car.

Dreamknightmanga | 20. November 2017


There are plenty of people out there, so who knows.

inconel | 21. November 2017

instead of limiting to 1000 Tesla should have made it 919, one better than the other guy ;-)

Tropopause | 21. November 2017

Maybe the 1000 is for the amount of range in kilometers?

Supraman | 29. November 2017

Dreamknightmanga, where did you get the information "there is a way to change over to a founder's edition so long as they haven't met the maximum orders allowed" and can you expand upon it? For example, would it still require the full car to be paid for in advance?

Supraman | 29. November 2017

I am interested in the "Founders Series", but I am finding it difficult to justify spending an extra £39,000 (I'm in the UK), plus tying up £189,000 for 2 or more years without even a hint of what you get for that money.

Is there anything that is certain about the Founders Series? As far as I can tell, the most likely benefits are getting the very first cars per region and an exclusive (but optional) colour. I'm not really interested in either of these factors.

I believe there is also an expectation that the car will be fully-loaded, but will there really be £39,000+ of accessories available for the car, especially considering that they are all AWD? Will these accessories include Elon's "special option package that takes (performance) to the next level". If so, then that would be enough to convince me to take the plunge.

Supraman | 29. November 2017

Does it worry anybody else that Tesla explicitly state "You understand that we will not hold your Reservation Payment separately or in an escrow or trust fund" in the Roadster Reservation Terms & Conditions. I think I would've been less concerned if they simply hadn't mention it. To me this is an acknowledgment that your money is at risk, they realise that people will be concerned about that, but they don't plan to do anything about it.

Supraman | 29. November 2017

Can somebody bring me up-to-speed with the history of the Founders Series of other Tesla models (S, X and 3)? I'm hoping that will help me understand what to expect with the Roadster.

For example:

When the cars are delivered, does the final price tend to be less than the amount paid upfront? If so, by how much?
Do the Founders Series cars tend to suffer less from depreciation? Do they even increase in value?
Did they suffer from more quality issues because they were the first cars to be delivered to customers?
Were they fully-loaded, or were there options?
Was any guarantee offered with regards to the safety of the deposits?

Thanks in advance for any information.

Supraman | 29. November 2017

Has anybody contacted Tesla and received any concrete information about the differences between the two Roadster options?

Is it obvious from the above posts that I'm desperately looking for a reason to buy the Founders Series and trying to dispel my remaining concerns? :-)

Haggy | 29. November 2017

" Still debating if I should get it as I makes zero sense for my needs "

I did the same and finally decided against it, but it's amazing that I considered it at all considering that it makes no sense for my needs either. With Bay Area traffic, I wouldn't be able to go faster than anybody else and I can't think of where I could go to ever test out the 0-60 without making a special trip just to test the acceleration.

I could have put down a deposit some time between when my wife said that we should get one and the time she would have told me that she wasn't serious. Considering that it costs no more than a Model S, not counting the deposit, I might have gotten away with it. With the Model S, she didn't ask what it cost until after I had it for a few months, at which point all I could do is remind her that she said I could get it.

carlk | 30. November 2017

Haggy To me it's not about the 0-60. The much more practical P100D would be fast enough for me. There is something magical driving 2 seater or 2+2, especially an open top one, that you could never get with a 4 door sedan no matter how fast it is. I remember when I was young my middle aged dentist was beaming when he got a new SL. He said he just realized that has wasted a lot of his life. I've been trying hard not to waste my life since.

eric.zucker | 30. November 2017

Carlk, totally agree.

I would never buy a Veyron or Chiron, and I don’t need that kind of performance.

2+2, open top with 1000 km range, Supercharging capability, AWD, luggage space, it’s like the original Roadster, just revisited to fix its limitations. A dream come true.

And those looks... wow. Franz really nailed that one.

PeterPlt | 16. Dezember 2017

I just started the deposit process... way late compared to many of you. But I now have the anticipation and excitement of looking to the future for the cost of interest on the $50k, so far. That, alone, is worth the price of admission.

Did all the "Founders Editions" of previous Tesla models get delivered first? Even though that may drag out the delivery times on the standard model, it could also allow for greater maturity of production and QC farther down the list.

b.tesla | 16. Dezember 2017

Welcome to the waiting game, @PeterPlt. Hopefully they have their reservation & wire transfer receipt system running smoother now. As a fellow base roadster reservation holder, we'll have to watch 1000 people take Founders Series deliveries before we get ours.

It looks like there are still some Founders Series reservations available based on the webpage for new reservations.

Jinnymobile | 17. Dezember 2017

I am curious, does anyone know how many (and what type) of reservations have been made?

Babaron | 06. Januar 2018

Don't know, but if that number is x, then is now x+1 :)

Mel. | 06. Januar 2018


PeterPlt | 07. Januar 2018

Make that x+2... I couldn't help myself... Gawd, it's gorgeous!!!

Babaron | 12. Januar 2018

Congrats Peter!

steven | 26. Januar 2018

Anyone knows whether the Founder's Series downpayment is definitely the full price? Or could it be you have to add to that when taking delivery?
As for the number of Founder's that is still available, Tesla has to give the referral owners with discounts get in their order after Jan 31st at least. Perhaps they need to go beyond 1,000 in this case, if "normal" orders already fill that...

Tyler | 01. April 2018

I am
Taking Docs advice and buying stock now while it’s down. This may be the next Amazon

r.barone | 03. Mai 2018

lots of foolish chatter around stock return vs deposit......

r.barone | 03. Mai 2018

lots of foolish chatter around stock return vs deposit......

viper2c2 | 28. Juli 2018

There were 27 Roadster Founder Series. A friend of mine bought #27 for $50k about 1.5 years ago. The battery is not upgradable to 3.0. It has about 85% of the original capacity 10 years after it was built. I’ve watched used Model S prices for a while and haven’t noticed a difference in price of comparable, single motor, non-autopilot models.

Brentt | 03. September 2018

I'm considering making a deposit, but Just curious how long everyone thinks it will be after the founders editions are built, for the base model to be released.
Typically cars like this are hand built, and production is 500-1000 a year. If so, we would be looking at at least a year extra for the base model?

eric.zucker | 03. September 2018

We have no clue how many Founders were reserved. Nor the production rate, so it’s a WAG.

I reserved the standard version and invested the $200k difference in the meantime.

Jinnymobile | 04. September 2018

Putting down 50k would be crazy if you didn’t have the rest of the money already. Counting on coming up with 150k plus in a couple of years if you didn’t already have it doesn’t make much sense. So yes, invest the money and hope it grows. Of course, if you have to have the car early and can afford the founding amount in the beginning, then good for you.