Tesla Receipt of Wire Transfer

Tesla Receipt of Wire Transfer

Wired my deposit for the Roadster last Friday. How long does it normally take Tesla to acknowledge receipt of the wire and to finalize the reservation?

Mel. | 28. November 2017

Nice. One question. Do you have any numbers in front of the 13?

Roamer@AZ USA | 28. November 2017

Mel, So far only one of the cars has leaked outside the family. I did trade in VIN 235 Sig X. Replaced it with a flat fold five seat P100DX.

After my experience with two Sig X cars I contemplated doing it all over again with the roadster. But then I remembered that every single fit and finish problem on the early Sig X cars was fixed and the service from the Scottsdale Service Center was beyond extraordinary.

So back at the Tesla SOON trough for another long wait for the next gem.

Roamer@AZ USA | 28. November 2017

To respond to the original post.

I assume I received a quick confirmation because I wired funds within hours of the order page going live. I was probably at the front of the orders.

I have never called or emailed Tesla to follow up on an order. Sometimes it seems like it takes forever but eventually everything shows up and moves thru the MyTesla page. I have never ordered a car at a Tesla store so I don’t know how that works.

carlk | 28. November 2017

Roamer Congrats and good to hear from you again. I made the credit card reservation of a base model 30 minutes after the unveiling and wired fund the following Monday. Talked to the Tesla guy twice. A very nice guy but all he could tell me is the delay is normal and people are working on it. It does not sound he could do anything about it.

Roamer@AZ USA | 28. November 2017

It always seems to work out in the end. I remember all the Model X frustrations. The cars just work for us and I don’t spend much time on the forums anymore.

I loaned my XtraX to my sister and her family over Thanksgiving. They made a run from Mesa AZ to the Grand Canyon and back. Her husbands comment was, “I had no idea how incredible these cars are”. Hooked another fish with nothing more than time driving the car.

Carefree | 29. November 2017

I just called Tesla about the whereabouts of my wire transfer. I wired the money on Friday, 11/17. As of today I had not gotten any confirmation that Tesla had actually received my money. They did confirm though that the wire was received.

Tesla mentioned again that it would still take some time before the receipt would be reflected on the "MyTesla" page. It is difficult to understand how a technology driven company is so incapable when it comes to such simple tasks.

Tropopause | 29. November 2017


Congrats and nice to hear from you again.

eric.zucker | 29. November 2017

I guess the addition of the Roadster to the web site was done in a hurry, they obviously kept this reveal under tight wraps as long as possible. I was told the updates need to be done manually.
If there were many reservations for the Roadster, this can take a while. So I view this as good news overall.

Jinnymobile | 30. November 2017

I was told by a customer service person they are revising the webpage and that next week everything will be updated.

carlk | 30. November 2017

Thanks, Good to know. Just hope they will still get my place right.

Rich S | 01. Dezember 2017

Received an email early this morning confirming that my Roadster Reservation is Complete. They also corrected my Tesla Account to now reflect the total deposits of $50,000 instead of $45,000 previously.

b.tesla | 01. Dezember 2017

@Rich S, same here with the confirmation email and the $50k deposit vs. 45.

Now that it has been 2 weeks since the reveal, how many confirmed & completed Roadster reservations are there?

And the email hints at the priority, with plenty of wiggle room for "approximate":
1. Tesla Roadster Reservation
Thank you for placing a Reservation for Tesla Roadster. By making your Reservation, you have secured the approximate priority for taking delivery of your Tesla Roadster.

2. Effective Date
Your Reservation becomes effective when (1) you place your Reservation and (2) we receive your Reservation Payment.

eric.zucker | 01. Dezember 2017

Got a generic email this morning introducing the Roadster and saying there were still a few Founder reservations available.

No specific information about my reservation, nor any update on MyTesla.

carlk | 01. Dezember 2017

Got the generic email this morning too. Then a couple hours latter an email saying Your reservation is complete. Web page changed from awaiting reservation to showing the RN too. BTW RN is still the same as the one when I placed the $5,000 deposit. I guess this will still be the one to "approximately" determine the delivery priority. Now the only thing to do is the three year wait.

staker | 01. Dezember 2017

Reservation confirmation came through today! Wired on the 20th.

No confirmation as to the date/time Tesla got the transfer so place in line is still unknown.

Come on Bitcoin! Would love to reach $250,000 per so I'd only have to say bye-bye to one of you.

repoman | 01. Dezember 2017

success! Just got the email my reservation is complete too. Now for the wait

regoapps | 01. Dezember 2017

Got confirmation for my Founders Series as well. My Tesla website also reflects this with the message:

"Your Founders Series Roadster reservation is confirmed.

We have received your reservation payments of $250,000 for the Founders Series Roadster.

Production is expected to begin in 2020."

Also, noticed that they renamed it to Founders Series from Founders Edition.

Do the non-Founders series Roadsters have the same "Production is expected to begin in 2020." message when you click on Manage? That might give you a rough idea of whether or not they expect it to begin in late 2020 or earlier.

Rich S | 01. Dezember 2017

@regoapps Same message - "Production is expected to begin in 2020."

We are actually considering converting our reservation to Founders Series. Awaiting a response back from Tesla.

john | 01. Dezember 2017

Got my confirmation today! Yea. But, I'm wondering what "approximate priority" means in the terms and conditions. Hopefully that's only to allow for slight priority re-ordering due to logistics etc. But it also gives them the latitude to kind of do whatever they want. A clear statement about priority would be sincerely appreciated - loyal customers are putting up a lot of money for a car 3 years out, with no interest, and some risk (Terms and conditions #4).

Jinnymobile | 02. Dezember 2017

A think it might be awhile before the order of delivery is figured out. USA first? California first? Fully optioned models first?

eric.zucker | 07. Dezember 2017

I just got a confirmation email, and myTesla has been updated.

There are two reasons I did not go for the Founders. First, it's the same car, paying $50k extra for the label is not worth it. Second, I expect a serious market correction in the short to medium term and I wish to preserve capital.

Some people see the Dow under 8000 within 2 years. Will be a good time to pick up stock.

Bitcoin? Vaporware. Likely to be outlawed eventually, and one would just be left hanging. Not worth the risk.

carlk | 07. Dezember 2017

My guess is Founder's edition will be fully loaded but you will be able to get same options with the base model. Either way the "base" model will be more than good enough to me. The only thing that may not be available is the red paint but I'm not going to lose sleep over that.

eric.zucker | 07. Dezember 2017

Another point is that getting one of the first ones built it’s more likely to have early Model issues. A little patience will allow things to settle down and perhaps get a more finished version. My dad used to say never buy a 1st Model year car, and Tesla didn’t exist way back then.

I got an “early” Model X, the 7th delivered in my country, and am very happy with it.

Roamer@AZ USA | 13. Dezember 2017

There you go being practical while at the same time being impractical....