Change Username

Change Username

So have been trying to change forum username. Every time I do it in account settings it tells me there was an error and the change couldn’t be made. I then go to the forums and it has the new user name but then a few hours or a day later it switches back to my original. I’ve tried 10different versions and same thing. Anyone else have this issue?

p.c.mcavoy | 30. Januar 2018

If it continues to cause you problems you might contact Tesla. You can use the Contact link at the bottom of the page. I've done this on a couple of occasions and usually get an email reply within 24-48 hours. You need to use a category from a drop down list. I usually use existing vehicle order or reservation unless it's specifically about something the fits in one of the other categories.

EVRider | 31. Januar 2018

There’s also a form on My Tesla that you can use to contact Tesla; after you log in select the Manage link.

saintcabbage | 31. Januar 2018

I had this problem as well. I just recently figured it out... a year later... Your "new username" is also going to be your new login name, so it has to me an email address. A valid email address you will use to login to the Tesla site and receive any notifications initiated from this site. It also changed my login for the Tesla app. So if you want your username to be ILUVTESLA, and you try putting that in, you'll get that error. You would need to create an that actually works and you will use and the change will work.

Stupid and inconvenient, but it works.

saintcabbage | 31. Januar 2018

so it has to be, not me... not being able to edit posts, also stupid...

JaMo_75D | 31. Januar 2018

Ahhhh thanks saintcabbage! That makes sense....guess ill stick with this for now.

EVRider | 31. Januar 2018

I didn't have to use an e-mail address when I changed my forum name a while back; I don't know if things have changed since then. I did have problems when my new forum name had certain characters in it (like parentheses); I didn't get an error when I changed it, but the change had no effect. It was a bit of trial and error to find one that took.

joshualangert | 31. Januar 2018

Had this issue today, but it looks like it changed....even though the page said it didn't. Will have to see if it holds...

JaMo_75D | 31. Januar 2018

Ya mine never held for more then half a day

PBEndo | 31. Januar 2018

Unless there was a very recent change for new users, usernames do not have to be based on an email address.

rainismine | 27. April 2018

This still seems to be broken. You would think changing usernames on a forum would be simple for a company like Tesla ...

PBEndo | 27. April 2018

It may be simple for a company like Tesla, but the way Tesla treats this forum is hard to explain. The forum is obsolete, antiquated, inefficient, limited, etc. but is also virtually unmoderated. This creates a strange forum that appears to have very little priority for Tesla. This lack of attention contributes to its strengths and weaknesses.

chunduru | 04. Juli 2018

I too tried changing my username but my account still shows my old username. Let’s see with what username my post shows up. BTW, this is my first post on tesla forums.

zy6 | 09. Januar 2020

I propose that Tesla allow all users in the forums to choose a username which is independent from the email address and independent from the car login, that can be changed every so often (limited) for future posts. Thanks. 2020-01-09th 12:13

zy6 | 09. Januar 2020

What happens if a forum user has an email address and another has ?

EVRider | 09. Januar 2020

@zy6: You can already do that, and have always been able to. Most people here aren't using an e-mail address as their forum name. You can make the change on your Tesla account page on the web.