steering wheel holding during autonomous a challenge

steering wheel holding during autonomous a challenge

I have driven hundreds of Teslas thousands of miles using autonomous driving. My Model 3 seems to be very sensitive in terms of "holding on to the steering wheel". I traditionally hold the wheel at 5 and 7 o'clock during autonomous. But it frequently tells me to hold on to the steering wheel, even when I am. I jiggle the wheel ever so slightly but I think it is way to sensitive. On a 250 miles trip, it stopped letting me self drive due to not having my hands on the wheel. I think this is an issue they are still working on, and is a lot more sensitive than the S/X a year ago.

GAGSTESLA | 30. Januar 2018

Probably due to the fact there will be a lot more people driving a model 3 that have not driven hundreds of Teslas thousands of miles. I have driven one Tesla thousands of miles with no experience of any AP (2014 pre AP-1). Right now, I am glad it's a bit of a nag.

Bri | 30. Januar 2018

@DMS What were you doing that involved driving hundreds of Teslas thousands of miles using autonomous driving?

SamO | 31. Januar 2018

All that is required to turn of the nag:

grasp wheel at 3 o'clock position of the steering wheel with thumb and index finger.

Tug no more than 1/4 inch downward and release.

The "rebound" of the wheel is enough to confirm driver is alert.

This can be accomplished in ~1 second.

hoffmannjames | 31. Januar 2018

@DMSDesign You were driving with autopilot, not "autonomous driving".

rlevin | 31. Januar 2018

Significant pain.

FIXED, though, in latest firmware update (50.14)! Now behaves very similarly to Model S AP. :)

PhillyGal | 31. Januar 2018

+1 @hoffman

You were NOT driving autonomously, as that does not yet exist.

andy.connor.e | 31. Januar 2018

First off, I already know this post is a bunch of spam because of the improper headline.

Second, to actually give you a serious answer, you have to hold the wheel with your hands in the 3-9 o clock positions. The regular forum users already know what is true and what is FUD. You're wasting your time making up BS here.

pjalan | 31. Januar 2018

I saw one YouTube video with Ben of teslanomics highlighting this issue. This is another reason I’m bearish on investing 5k in EAP yet.