Wall charger outside - experience after 1yr+?

Wall charger outside - experience after 1yr+?

We're on the waiting list for Model 3 and planning to install the wall charger with 24 foot cord on the side of the house just outside the garage.
Since we're in central Texas which sometimes has extreme weather (hot summers, snow and ice are very rare but heavy rains are fairly common) I am curious about experiences from others who have installed the wall charger directly outside (not in a cabinet or something). It is supposed to be weather-resistant but I'd like to know actual experiences (deterioration from UV, cord insulation getting stiff or showing signs of wear, problems in heavy rain, etc).

How has your charger stood up to the elements after one year or more?

Thank you!

Dwdnjck@ca | 19. Februar 2018

I have used the new model 3 Mobil connector outside for about three months. I have had two occurrences where the charge port flashes red and the car won’t charge. I disconnect the nema plug and plug it back in and it’s works fine again.

paul | 19. Februar 2018

Had the wall charger installed outside with no cover or protection from the elements.
We get no snow or ice but plenty of humidity, rain and heat.
So far it looks and works just fine.