Tesla Model Y unveiling

Tesla Model Y unveiling

When Will The Model Y unveiling be? And Will it have falcon wing doors?

David N | 20. Februar 2018

4th Qtr of 2018 at best, 2019 wouldn't surprise me.

Remnant | 20. Februar 2018

@christiansnook123 (OP, February 20, 2018)

<< ... Will [MY] have falcon wing doors [FWD]? >>

Even MX should have offered FWD as an option only.
IMO,Tesla lost tons of MX potential sales on account of the FWD.
As a matter of actual record, FWD detracted from MX' desirability in the following areas:

– compromised the utility of the MX roof
– compromised the down-fold of the 2nd row of seats
– occupied a significant amount of the MX width with hardware, at the expense of cargo space and/or seat comfort
– created an annoying and costly source of disruptions, garage accidents, body work, and waste of time to owners
– added a huge amount to the MSRP, making it prohibitive for a whole series of potential buyers

FWD should not burden the MY marketability in such fashion.

djharrington | 21. Februar 2018

Agree with Remnant in my case. Falcon wing doors are the main reason I don't have an X in my garage.

Madatgascar | 21. Februar 2018

I also agree with Remnant, and I'll add my two cents after 1-1/2 years of living with the FWDs. They take almost 6 seconds to open, which is an eternity if you just want to chuck a briefcase in the back seat. They are an unwanted display (and delay) in the school dropoff line. And every new passenger needs to be instructed how to operate them (most stand where the sensors detect them and stop the opening).

FWDs are very good for 3 things:
1) Unveiling chauffeur-driven glitterati for the paparazzi
2) Getting toddlers in and out of car seats, especially in narrow parking spaces
3) Impressing teenage boys

None of these are important to me, so personally I would prefer no FWD. But the Model Y will have a much larger (2) demographic than Model X, so I guess that may argue for FWD.

Rocky_H | 21. Februar 2018

FWD = front wheel drive

Anyway, yes, when my wife saw those at the Model X event, she said they look ridiculous, and she would never consider buying something with that.

carlk | 21. Februar 2018

Falcon wing door is one of the best things ever invented for an automobile. Like everything else Tesla you just have to use it to appreciate it. That said it's unlikely that will be in the Y just for people's perception if nothing else.

carlk | 21. Februar 2018

Madatgascar You missed one of the best thing of the FWD. Together with pedestal second row seats it makes accessing the third row seats super easy and graceful. Ask any older folks or ladies wearing dress to do the same in any other cars and you'll know.

Uncle Paul | 21. Februar 2018

Believe the decision for the Falcon Wing doors was to distinguish the Model X from being considered a Minivan.

Sales of minivans have dropped off, while SUV's are selling like hotcakes.

Used the power sliding doors of a Chrysler minivan yesterday and it took over twice as long to close as the Tesla X.

I like them. Really sets the car apart.

Madatgascar | 21. Februar 2018

At one point Elon said the Model Y would definitely have falcon wing doors. But that was back when he was saying it would be an entirety new platform. Now I think it’s supposedly being built on the Model 3 platform.

@carlk, yes, the doors are good for third row access, but I’ve owned a Lexus LX that was even easier - the second row seats folded down and flipped forward. The big advantage of the FWD and rocking second row seats is that you can access the third row while leaving a baby’s car seat in place, and that’s pretty handy for those with young’uns.

Wilber | 21. Februar 2018

I pretty much agree with Remnant. Wish my X didnt have them. I think Elon said the Y would have them because he didnt want to loose Model X sales before Y is finalized. I think many folks would wait for the Y, if they knew the Y would not have the FWD. But with the current understanding that the Y will have FWDs many people (me included) just bite the bullet and buy an X. I expect the base Y to NOT have them, since that saves about $5k off the price. I think that is the way to maximize Y sales.

homesliving6 | 21. Februar 2018

Ordered the model X with expected June delivery. FWD are probably one of the coolest features out there. Car looks like some kind of transformer when the doors open up. Every time i see them makes me smile.

Remnant | 21. Februar 2018

@Madatgascar (February 21, 2018)

<< ... the [FWD] are good for third row access, >>

Hinging the rear doors at the rear ("Suicide Doors" – to use an unfortunate and unfair moniker) would have the same result, especially if the C pillar were replaced by reinforced door edges and perhaps a rigid cabin, like in Porsche Mission E.

carlk | 22. Februar 2018

@Remnant How are you going to open that door in the garage or the parking lot? Even with that it still does not open as far back as the the FWD. Remember also that with FWD you don't need a lot of space to swung open the door, any regular doors, wide to access the third row or to put you kid in the car seat, and the door will not get in your way when you do those things. You can literally walk into the second or even third row. It's just a super clever and sometimes underrated design imo. Someone mentioned it takes extra seconds to open or close but that's really not that big a deal for the show. Not to mention you'll get that few seconds back at the first stop light. ;)

There is nothing that works as good other than the dorky sliding door Elon will never allow to put in his cars. That said the Y most likely will be a two row SUV and FWD is too expensive to be in there anyway.

johnse | 23. Februar 2018

@Remnant "compromised the down-fold of the 2nd row of seats"

Clearly this is not true. The 5/7 seat configuration currently being sold has folding 2nd-row seats. It was the "art pieces" of the pedestal monopost seats that wouldn't fold down.

Yes, there was a lot of speculation that folding seats couldn't have the shoulder straps for the seat belts integral to the seat backs, but that was never confirmed and has now been shown to be false.

"Hinging the rear doors at the rear ("Suicide Doors" – to use an unfortunate and unfair moniker) would have the same result, especially if the C pillar were replaced by reinforced door edges and perhaps a rigid cabin, like in Porsche Mission E"

Not really. You would still have the cabin roof at the lower level. One of the great things about the Falcon Wing Doors is that they allow stepping into the car and then sitting down without having to hunch over first.

I'm looking forward to my FWD!

Uncle Paul | 23. Februar 2018

To me, electric drive and falcon wing doors are the defining elements of the Model X. Seems like everyone I meet asks about those two items.

Indeed those two items are what makes the X different from all the other cars. These differences in propulsion and access are what defines the vehicle.

Now, since every one is different and everyone has differences with the doors, it is normal for some to love them and others are used to a more conventional side hinged door.

Opening those doors is perhaps the most asked for item when people see the car. They are fasinated with the organic movement, and the tremendous access to my second row seats.

When Tesla first released these doors, they opened and closed kind of slowly, but thanks to the magic of OTA updates, they now open and close much quicker. Perhaps they may get even quicker with future updates, but to me they operate at the perfect speed.

Every time I see a Hollywood movie where someone opens a conventional door and it gets ripped violently off by a passing car, I imagine how good it would be if the doors would swing up, out of the way.

Yes, some will love it, and some will prefer what they are used to and have been using for a hundred years, but the falcon wing doors have so many advantages that I believe the Y will also feature them.

carlgo2 | 23. Februar 2018

Tesla will probably get a million orders for a basically conventional Y and there is no need to complicate things.

Note that even the cost-is-no-object New Roadster has regular ol doors, no show car pivoting design, etc.

Whole-side opening doors would be great if they can be made simple and unobtrusive. Don't see it though, and there will not be a choice of two different door designs.

sosmerc | 23. Februar 2018

I guess you can add door design to the list of "different strokes for different folks". And that's why we have so many different cars and trucks on the market. It's all about personal choice. Tesla just isn't big enough (yet) to expand the options. Someday maybe, they will be successful enough to build a variety of vehicles and there will really be something for everyone.

RedShift | 23. Februar 2018

How about this ‘disappearing door’ :

Remnant | 24. Februar 2018

@RedShift | February 23, 2018



If its adoption is not too expensive, I would support it entirely.

T35LA | 24. Februar 2018

@RedShift & @Remnant
I'd rather have additional battery pack instead of disappearing doors. If there is any space for that kind of door at all.

Remnant | 24. Februar 2018

@RedShift (February 23, 2018))

<< How about this ‘disappearing door’ ... >>


If its adoption is not too expensive, I would support it entirely.

Madatgascar | 24. Februar 2018

That disappearing door is pretty cool. But it looks like it has been around for 12 years, wonder why it hasn’t been adopted? Safety reasons maybe?

Uncle Paul | 24. Februar 2018

Cool door, but it would not work on a Tesla.

The door slides into a slot that is filled up with thousands of Batteries on a Tesla.

RedShift | 25. Februar 2018

It can slide under the batteries. Especially in a higher ground clearance vehicle like the X. Those with air suspension could raise a bit to allow doors to slide beneath, if clearance is an issue.

This wouldn’t be adapted for cost and safety concerns, likely. Elimination of B pillars means frame flex will be a bigger issue.

Remnant | 27. Februar 2018

@RedShift (February 25, 2018)

<< Elimination of B pillars means frame flex will be a bigger issue. >>

Unless the door locking edges (perhaps reinforced) substitute effectively for the B pillars. | 27. Februar 2018

No one in their right mind will design a car with falcon wing doors ever again. 50 years from now people visiting an automobile museum in their autonomous cars will be dazzled by one of the few remaining operation Model X SUVs.

But they sure are fun. | 27. Februar 2018

operational that is.

Remnant | 28. Februar 2018 (February 27, 2018)

<< No one in their right mind will design a car with falcon wing doors ever again. >>

Il looks that way to me as well: too many aspects of the vehicle's engineering seem to be negatively affected by an otherwise ingenious engineering feat with regard to the FWDs.

I must concede though, that the "wow" effect on the onlookers is truly dramatic.

Nexxus | 01. März 2018

Hopefully when the reveal the model "Y", it will already be in production so they will have learned from these past lessons about selling them before they're ready.

Nexxus | 01. März 2018

when they...

Remnant | 28. März 2018

@Madatgascar (February 24, 2018)

<< That disappearing door is pretty cool. >>

Of course it is. But let's call it a Jatech, or a Z1 door.

It would probably raise the floor of the MY by a couple of inches. Quite worth it, I'd say.

Their convenience and safety would probably beat the expense required by a couple of electric motors needed to rolled them.

Remnant | 09. April 2018

@Remnant (March 28, 2018)

<< ... let's call it a Jatech, or a Z1 door. ... It would probably raise the floor of the MY by a couple of inches. Quite worth it, I'd say. >>

I'm revisiting here for news. No need to assert disappointment.

Jatech doors would certainly be one of the four innovations that would determine me to order an MY without hesitation.

The other three are

(1) Replacement of the rearview mirrors with inside LED monitors of the side rearview cameras, likely to improve rearview visibility, wind noise, energy efficiency, and range.

(2) Regen suspension, whose smaller profile would save room on the chassis and thus facilitate Quad Motor engineering.

(3) Quad Electric PM Motors (one per semi-axle), with the implied fully Electronic Torque Vectoring and Elimination of the Mechanical Differentials, likely to reduce MY's weight and refine its steering and acceleration controls.

sosmerc | 11. April 2018

For what it's worth, I just heard on CNBC that the Model Y will go into production latter part of 2019. That is later than I was hoping, and I hope we get some reliable information about the Y long before then !