Request to install supercharging stations in Menifee, CA

Request to install supercharging stations in Menifee, CA

I made my Model 3 reservations Iast March 2016 and I'm wondering if Tesla have future plans to install supercharging stations in the city of Menifee, California. My city is one the fastest growing city in Riverside county.

David N | 15. März 2018

Tesla does listen to requested sites for Supercharger locations.
Simply express your request to them.

SCCRENDO | 15. März 2018

Call them and suggest a site for them

SCCRENDO | 15. März 2018

But why not stop acting like a cheapskate and install a NEMA 14-50 at home.

Uncle Paul | 15. März 2018

They just installed a 20+ stall Supercharger near you at the outlet mall in Lake Elsinore.

Supercharger just North of you in Riverside, One just South of you in Temecula, one scheduled just up the road in

Corona and a 50 amp tesla plug unit behind the Crispy Cream in the Menifee Town Center..

There is a ring of Superchargers all around Menifee. (but nothing yet right in the city.)

jerrykham | 16. März 2018

@Sccrendo - why is he being a cheapskate? M3's don't have free charging anyway, so he'd be paying for using the SC.

SCCRENDO | 16. März 2018

Good point.

rodgeez | 20. März 2018

@ Uncle Paul - you are 100% correct. The charging station behind Crispy Cream belongs to EVgo. Tesla superchargers really stands out compared to other competitors. I think if there's a dedicated Superchargers in Menifee Tesla owners taking 215 freeway will help them a lot. The strategic location in Menifee would be near the new LA fitness. You can charge your body while charging your car. Also the more people look at this area there's a big chance the supercharging team will consider this idea. What do you think guys?

esteljordan1 | 21. März 2018

Does reservation give any type of discount or why reserve it at all? Don't get it.
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Uncle Paul | 22. März 2018

Would be a good location for people traveling on I-215.

There is a new shopping center with apartments going in on Newport road. Maybe they have something planned for there.

aftermidnighttesla | 15. Juni 2019
SamO | 17. Juni 2019