trading Model 3 reservations with friend

trading Model 3 reservations with friend

A friend of mine has a higher priority delivery date than my delivery date. Am I able to trade reservations with him - so I can get his date and I can give him my date / reservation priority?

Jozayg | 19. März 2018

You cannot do this unless he is an immediate family member. My neighbor is a Tesla owner and he was going to trade with me (non-owner) because he is holding out for the M3 leasing and dual motor. Tesla would not do it. It did not matter that we both hold Mar 31 2016 reservations.

brandnew831 | 19. März 2018


Aludwig | 19. März 2018

I'm seeing people on Craigslist/eBay selling reservations by offering to change their Tesla account username/password to the buyer's. But I don't know the logistics of that and if it actually works or not.

damien666 | 19. März 2018
fskott | 19. März 2018

@damien666 - Yes, I followed your link and went to that forum (and posted a few questions there, because it seems too good/easy to be true). There is a poster who was trying to replicate what Turbo25 said he/she did, and they seemed to get hung up in the (critical) part about just adding someone else's name for registration . . . . . maybe they're doing it wrong, but until I see some more confirmation, I'm just a touch wary that it's as easy as Turbo25 says it is. Would love for Turbo to be right, but need more info . . . .