What areas are power walls being installed

What areas are power walls being installed

Does anyone know what areas power walls are actually being installed?
I was told last summer my power wall would be installed late fall or early winter.
Now, I can't even get a response by email.



Tesla-David | 20. März 2018

Where do you live? I share your frustration, as I have been trying to get a Powerwall installation for almost 3 years going back to PW1. I live in Edmonds, WA, and after many discussions with folks at Tesla-Energy I finally got them to come out and do the site inspection last month. Still no proposal or cost estimate, and they are now telling me in Washington State they are prioritizing installations that include Solar + Powerwall-2. I installed my solar system in 2012, so only want to add PW2. I lost my temper with the rep and told him what I thought about how poorly they are taking care of customers in the cue, who have been waiting a long time. I would call the Tesla-Energy Powerwall Support # 650-681-5100 (option #2). I have never gotten a response from emails, so try to talk directly with someone and you might get some answers.

Tesla-David | 20. März 2018

FYI: Here is the exchange I had last week regarding my PW2.

"Hi Josh: I think you know by now that I am deeply frustrated by my inability to get my PW2 installation from the assessment phase to the installation phase. The excuse you gave me on March 5, was that there were no trained WA installers available to do the installation. I have been given this excuse for more than 1.5 years now, going back to 2016. My Solar installer, A&R Solar, and another Seattle based solar installer, Puget Sound Solar, have told me they have applied to get the training to do the Powerwall installations, but have never been contacted by Tesla-Energy to arrange for that training.

Something is seriously amiss with Tesla-Energy as nothing seems to be happening to correct this problem. As my email to you on 5 March indicates Northwest Electric & Solar has done a Powerwall-2 installation. Why can't they do the installation at my home?

During the past five years, I have purchased two Model S's and we now have a Model 3, and the Tesla vehicle side of Tesla Energy has always been very responsive and I have always received excellent service for all my vehicles. I can't understand why the Tesla-Energy side of Tesla can't seem to get their act together. In my opinion, you have an excellent product, and there are a lot of potential customers out there who would respond to your solar panels/roofs, backup battery products, but I have become pessimistic about your chances for success given the way you have treated me over the past 2+ years.

I want someone to respond with an expected timeline for accomplishing my PW2 installation. I would like this email sent up to your managers for a response. I am tired of waiting, waiting, waiting for some kind of action. Nothing seems to move me down the road to my goal of getting this done."

jerrykham | 20. März 2018

I'm new to this - just signed up for solar + 2 powerwalls. They called me back after the initial "design" (the one where they just use Google Earth to draw up something approximate and use your past power bills, not the site survey and final design) and said they want to install solar now, and powerwall in about 7-10 months because they are supposedly back ordered on powerwall that far. So maybe they just don't have any to install for you at this time. They sure don't seem to have any for me now.

Tesla-David | 20. März 2018

Thanks, Jerrykham, who knows, every time I talk to them they give me a different excuse, but not the one you just mentioned. I know with all the PW2 installations in Puerto Rico, and Australia, their availability for U.S installations may be an issue. They have been giving me the runaround for 2 years now, and it is getting really old. A business can't succeed IMHO treating its customers the way I have been treated. I am thinking about writing a letter to Elon Musk. Maybe a letter to EM might get a positive response, who knows, I have tried everything.

Brentt | 20. März 2018

I'm in Okla. I don't have a problem if they don't have the product, or aren't ready to install in my area. The problem is lack of response and communication. Josh is the same person I've been dealing with.

bostonfan49 | 20. März 2018

Just had our two Powerwall 2’s installed today! We live in Vermont and our Utility company is GMP/Green Mountain Power. Supposedly GMP was the first utility company in the US to work with Tesla in a pilot program to supply 2000+ Powerwalls to Vermont residents. Total time from signing up to getting an install date was about 3 months. A month and a half later installed. We were offered 2 options, the $15 or $30 monthly added charge to our utility bill /10 years or the one time $1500./$3000 payment. As it’s just day 1 of the install, I can’t give any performance review. What I will say is the 2 “Tesla” employees were very professional. They did a very sharp looking install and left the install area of our basement cleaner than when they started.
Thanks, Bill

bostonfan49 | 20. März 2018

Follow up to the frustration I am reading about...Puerto Rico and such aside.....All the Vermont installs are going fairly fast because of this unique pilot program with GMP. One of our installers said that outside of Vermont, it’s not too difficult to get Powerwalls ( if you are buying them outright) The problem is that Tesla doesn’t have enough trained technicians to accommodate a nationwide mass install. The guy said they are trying to line up more utility companies to do similar installs so that they end up with a much larger control group to learn from......

Tesla-David | 21. März 2018

@bostonfan49, I am very envious of the relatively short response time till installation. As I mentioned above, the lack of qualified installers is one of the reasons I have been given for 2 years now. Many solar installers here would like to be trained, but Tesla seems unwilling to go that route. I love everything I read about the great State of Vermont. I was a huge Bernie supporter in 2016, and am a huge fan of Bill McKibben. Your State is on our bucket list of States we want to visit.

ACDC 2GO | 21. März 2018

I just had my PW2 installed on Monday in San Diego

sonnyh85 | 22. März 2018

I have just had my solar + 2 PW installed 3-21-18. Wonderful job. Yes, I had to wait longer than expected, (ordered in Aug 17) but Puerto Rico came first. Understandable. Still waiting for my model 3.

Tesla-David | 22. März 2018

@sonnyh85, where do you live? Glad to hear that PW2 installations are occurring, which tells me it is not a lack of PW2s but a lack of qualified installers. I am trying to gage where the installations are being done. As reported above, Vermont and San Diego are two places. BTW we picked up our M3 on 2/3/18, and can say unequivocally that it is an exceptional car. You will love yours when it arrives.

ACDC 2GO | 22. März 2018

I had solar city install! Solar power along with the PW. Beautiful looking unit. Just waiting to add the model 3 now

shank15217 | 22. März 2018

My installation is in the permitting phase, I live in Aldie, VA. They have been keeping me up to date pretty frequently. I think they have installers in certain places.

deweyvt03 | 23. März 2018

I'm in Fairfax, VA (Northern VA) and had my solar and powerwall installed March 14 2018. I had designed in Oct/Nov, signed all contracts in December, and then installed in March. They were ready to go in February, but I had schedule conflicts.

The crew came from Maryland location. The electrician said that he is overbooked because of high demand and that he is sharing between doing the jobs and trying to train up other electricians to be able to do the PowerWall jobs.
My solar consultant also said that I am lucky to have gotten the PW and that there is a backlog of orders. Mainly because the PW2 is an amazing product and the $$/kWh is much better than any competitors.

So- looks like there is a supply issue with the device, but also a supply issue with skilled and experienced electricians to do the job.

My electrician said that he is a Master Electrician with over 15 years doing commercial & hospital work before joining Tesla. Sounds like Tesla needs more Master Electricians rather than entry-level electricians to join the workforce.

smschafer1 | 23. März 2018

Any updates for New Jersey installs?

Tesla-David | 24. März 2018

Thanks @deweyvt03 for the update on your recent experience. They have been telling me for ~2 years now that that is the issue why I have not been able to get our installation. My frustration is that they do not appear to have done anything to resolve this long standing issue, especially here in Northwest Washington State. I am very happy to hear that PW2 installations are being done in U.S.

jsegel | 24. März 2018

Does anyone have any information about when PowerWalls will begin being installed in South Florida?

I placed two Powerwall orders last November, and I am hopeful to get them installed before the next hurricane season heats up in September. If there is an indefinite delay I might have to revert to installing a generator.

ken | 24. März 2018

My PowerWall2 was installed in southern AZ a couple weeks ago. I just got to turn it on today.

FloridaDave | 24. März 2018

Got my 2 powerwall 2's and solar installed Dec 27 in St Petersburg, FL. Since then, in February, they have opened the Tampa warehouse, prior installs were done out of the Orlando warehouse. It was about 2hrs for the installers to get to my house from Orlando.

aiaaron | 09. April 2019

I'll wake up the zombie thread here with an update from Iowa. Signed and paid my deposit 4/17/17, heard numerous similar excuses for a year, then no responses for past year. They seem to really be hoping I'll just cancel as the link to do precisely that is the bright red bold font centerpiece of the web page when I login for a status.I still want a powerwall and world peace...which will come first?

Tesla-David | 09. April 2019

@aiaaron If you followed my earlier rants above I finally got manegment’s attention, and action. We got our 2-Pw2’s installed inJune 2018, and can say it was worth it. They have operated flawlessly since installation in self-powered mode to dramatically reduce our grid energy usage. Hang in there and don’t give up.Keep agitating like I did till you get action.

Brentt | 03. Mai 2019

Still waiting. I'm an original day one reservation holder for both Model3 and power wall and haven't heard a peep from the energy division in years. It's severe weather season, and I'd sure like to have the backup!

bj | 16. Mai 2019

I don't want to brag... actually I do.

While Australia is at the end of the queue for Model 3s (ordering still hasn't opened) at least we are Tesla's biggest market for PW2 and they are readily available. I ordered mine on 29 Dec, and it was installed last week. But the installer actually had the PW2 since January, I was the hold up (other building work).

23% of all households in Australia now have rooftop solar (more than ten times the rate of the USA) and a growing number have batteries attached. My particular installer said they install one a day, and they are a local installer not a big company.

Turning on the solar, seeing the battery charge, and running the house grid-free was a truly liberating experience!