3 weeks from full payment to delivery...

3 weeks from full payment to delivery...

I’m a little disapppinted in the turnaround time for delivering my car after payment. Because I live in Texas, I had to pay for the car up front before they would ship. I kept getting told incorrect dates for when my car was being shipped to Texas. With the current estimates, I might be able to take delivery mid next week, which puts it almost three weeks after I have paid in full. Combine this with the lack of communication from my DS and the fact that I’ve been using a rental car since selling my existing car at the time of payment, so I’m more than a little frustrated. Oh, and I missed the $500 service referral program by about three days and they couldn’t change my code without reordering.

For the amount I’m spending on this car I would have expected a better delivery experience.

burdogg | 26. März 2018

Sorry for the pain....

This is a case where your state is part of the problem too though - I have not studied it out - but I have heard Texas is not very kind to Tesla - hence making them go through hoops to be able to get you a car. So having to pay for it before it is shipped is due to your state, not normal Tesla procedure.

As far as the referral code - that is the way the referral program works - they change the rules of it when it runs its course. I think it is silly that they won't switch it for you, but at the same time, what if they had done away with the referral program? Should they not give you free supercharging then? :) It would be really nice to get that $500 extra so not faulting you at all for wanting it, but I also don't fault that there is a start and end date to each part of their referral program.

They have an end date for each referral program for a reason - A) we never know if it is going to continue on or if they are truly going to end it at the end of that referral period. B) we never know what will or will not be in the next go round of the referrals. It used to be $1,000 off, then it was $1,000 off and free supercharging. Then just Free Supercharging. Now, free supercharging and $500 credit for the 1st referral from someone. It is ever changing, and so they should change it only when it benefits us (ie, if the referral we ordered under is better than the one at the time of delivery, we get to stick with that one, but if it is worse, we get to switch over? The whole point of the referral program is to get you to buy it then)

Again, just thoughts I am putting out there - I know it sucks to miss something (I missed the ability to get a 75 battery on my S, I am stuck with the old 70 that cannot be upgraded to the 75, and hence no speed unlock for me, stuck at 5.2 instead of free 4.2 like others got - I just missed that. The X - I just missed ability to get 100 instead of the 90 and I really need the 100 for a trip to see family, the 90 barely, and I mean, barely makes it, after we sit at a supercharger to fully fill it 1 hour sitting there for that, wouldn't have to do that for 100).

burdogg | 26. März 2018

I should say though - 3 weeks is a little long and Tesla should do better in this regard - yes, they can't get it there overnight, but it shouldn't take 3 weeks. Now of course, they probably have to wait for payment before they can even arrange the shipment, so that could delay some. But 3 weeks seems excessive - I think it took 1 week to get my 3 from Fremont to Denver.

Sc0rPs | 26. März 2018

I also agree the red tape from some states does cause delays, and the current referral program runs until April 30 so you should still qualify? I think you may need someone's first?

Had to wait a few weeks for delivery as well, hang in there its well worth the wait!

burdogg | 26. März 2018

Sc0rPs - it sounds like he already used a referral code when he first ordered it, must have been back in Jan before the old referral program ran out. They are not letting him switch to the new referral program is what it sounds like is happening.

LikeTesla | 26. März 2018

Go to Tesla Service center and ask for a Loaner Vehicle until your car gets Delivered. For me they offered a car from Enterprise since they could not find a Tesla Loaner car at that time.

burdogg | 26. März 2018

Very good thoughts SURESHKUMAR10202013 - I have heard of them doing this before too.

blake.lusenhop | 26. März 2018

I asked someone earlier and they said they would not offer me a loaner. But I did not go directly to the service center. Now that I’ve fully paid I would hope they would reconsider. I’ll try that tonight.

burdogg | 26. März 2018

I would use that blake - I would say I have paid for my car in full - have been patient for 3 weeks and nothing still. I have heard others with mess ups on delivery getting loaners and would really appreciate being able to get a loaner to help alleviate the hassle and added costs of not having my vehicle. Being nice about it but firm at the same time.

blake.lusenhop | 26. März 2018

The service center helped me work everything out. They are aware of the shipping delays and said their software for tracking shipments isn’t working correctly either. They offered me a loaner S in the meantime which I will go back and pick up tomorrow after returning my rental. Thanks everyone for the suggestion.

burdogg | 26. März 2018

Way to go SURESHKUMAR10202013 for pointing that out - glad at least they could do that for you blake. now you get to compare the S to your X when you get it :)

jerryk | 27. März 2018

Does Texas not allow direct sales? If so, couldn't you take delivery in another state and make it a road trip?

blake.lusenhop | 27. März 2018

Unfortunately Texas does not allow direct sales. On the plus side, my loaner is a P100D Model S, so I'll have some fun this week before my 75D X gets here :D

meenacreates | 27. März 2018

That’s weird. When I got approved for the loan, they immediately shipped the car. I still have some paper work to sign (Waiting on my loan officer from BOA) but my car is currently in Houston & Waiting. I haven’t yet made the full payment.

gqkull | 27. März 2018

Wow, Austin here, I paid in Full Thursday and they shipped Friday, so got here yesterday, barring anything I should have pickup on Friday. Blake, where are you getting delivery? Mine is a 100D

jerryk | 27. März 2018

@blake.lusenhop Maybe you should just keep the P100D?

My MX75 is slated for June. Unfortunately I am in California 10 miles from the factory, so I don't think I will get a P100D loaner.

evan | 19. August 2018

tesla provided me with a rental car from enterprise as my existing car is having mechanical problems and my delivery appt has been cancelled 3 times (all cancellations the day before sceduled delivery). Also first VIN disappeared and I was taken off the delivery schedule after the 3rd cancellation. No concrete reason provided other than 'logistics issues'. Really good of them to hook me up with the rental car. That helps a lot. Still don't know when my model 3 will come though. I applaud them for trying.