Certified Powerwall Installers, S Florida

Certified Powerwall Installers, S Florida

Question: I keep hearing there are just 2 certified/authorized Powerwall installers in the state of Florida -- yet all the companies I talk with claim to be one of them. Can anyone tell me which companies in Florida truly are certified? I want to know who is telling the truth. ;) Thanks!

mgolant | 06. Juni 2018

I am also looking for this information. Please advise who are authorized and able to install Powerwall batteries in Florida. Thanks.

Babaron | 09. Juni 2018

I too would love to know...

b.collen | 11. Juni 2018


mjklimek | 02. Oktober 2018

Did anyone ever get an answer to gail.nettles' original question.
I'm new to the site and live on the west coast of FL and would be interested knowing as well.

Tman99 | 03. Oktober 2018

Not sure who is "certified", but I would run all questions like this through your energy advisor.

rcg1004 | 12. Oktober 2018

Tesla sent their own employees to install mine in June and did a great job. They were out of Orlando and I believe they have also been installing lots of solar panels mainly on the west side ( I am on the space coast).

market2us | 07. September 2019


Curious how things went during Dorian?

do you recommend for Atlantic storm life? Thank you