Driver Sideview Mirror Not Remembering

Driver Sideview Mirror Not Remembering

It seems that my Model 3 forgets the setting for the driver sideview mirror. I adjust it, click save (to profile) but the next time in the car it is not where I set it to be.

It seems this is a software, not a hardware problem consequently not limited to just me.

Anyone else?

EVRider | 05. April 2018

Could be either hardware or software -- try calling Service and see what they have to say.

jvcesare | 05. April 2018

Are you sure you are not in reverse? Mirrors adjust downwards when backing up.
When all else fails try rebooting (Hold down both buttons on steering wheel)

bckator | 05. April 2018

I've not had that problem. I've had the car since 3/29/18.
I have two profiles saved in the car but, beyond the initial save, have not used the 2nd profile at all.
Do you have multiple profiles saved?
Assuming you are not putting the car in reverse when parking, the mirrors should not move.
They don't move as part of the easy entry afaik.
Have you noticed if, when you get in the car, the mirrors move at that time to the wrong position or are they already in the wrong position?

sabbia | 05. April 2018

Thanks EVRider. I wanted to see if others had the problem before bothering service.

Others: I do put the car in reverse from time to time. That moves the mirrors. So does folding which I also do from time to time when in a tight spot.

Bckator: Thanks for the troubleshooting ideas...I'll check. But I suspect they move to the wrong position after folding and I ask to unfold.

diegoPasadena | 05. April 2018

Yes, I think there might be a little something going on with mirrors/memory: In the Model S, I can set the auto-tilt position for reverse, and it remembers it in the driver settings. So, far I haven't succeeded in doing this with the Model 3. Also, when I tried to set the auto-tilt, it spontaneously changed the setting of my passenger-side mirror. That happened twice. No doubt, it will be fixed soon.

nvjx | 05. April 2018

diego I have the same problem. I have turned the auto-tilt off until they fix it in the firmware.

sabbia | 06. April 2018

Update: I think I've confirmed that the mirror does not go back to the saved position after folding and unfolding it.

Thanks to diego and nvjx for sharing your observations. I too have confidence that they'll fix it...but I was on hold a long time yesterday to report it and eventually gave up. Your observations have given me new energy to report it to them.

MarylandS85 | 06. April 2018

You can also report bugs in the car. Just use the voice activation and say, “Report bug...” followed by whatever it is. It’s best to do it right when the issue occurs, because Tesla also can see the state of the operating system at the time, which might help them debug the issue.

jay_moody | 11. September 2018

I have a Model 3 that just started misremembering the driver’s side mirror position. First 4 months, no problem. Now driver mirror sometimes points low (as if in auto tilt — which I have had turned off for months) and has to be reset manually.

Just tried restarting computer and will report back results.

CST | 11. September 2018

Happened to me once.

M3BlueGeorgia | 11. September 2018

Happens to me occasionally, that after reverse, the driver's side mirror is low.
But maybe it is after (1) reverse into parking spot and (2) put in park and (3) walk away from car and lock it.
I'll experiment....

33leanne | 11. September 2018

Happens to me every time. I was thinking of deleting and recreating my profile to see if that would fix it.

jaygrabbe | 11. Oktober 2018

once in awhile the passenger mirror is not right when i get in, pointing upwards, i move it and re save. It in the Service Center rt now for other things and i mentioned it.

sr.processengr | 17. Oktober 2018

My Model 3 has this issue-passenger side mirror tilts down when the steering wheel retracts for easy exit/entry. Auto tilt in reverse and auto fold switched off. Same position down as when auto tilt in reverse used. Sometimes it remembers to tilt back up, but not always. Reported bug. SC replaced mirror. Been through 3 software updates. SC (Milford, CT) doe not know what to do next.

kevin | 17. Oktober 2018

I had this problem with the passenger side mirror. It would never go back to the position where I set and saved it.

I solved this problem by deleting my driver profile and re-creating it. It never failed again.

slingshot18 | 17. Oktober 2018

It happens to me on the driver side. I don't think it did this until v9.

kevin_rf | 17. Oktober 2018

Just had that happen tonight, driver side mirror tilted down and refused to tilt back up. Tried all sorts of tricks in the driveway tonight, reverse, forward, playing with the buttons. Gonna let it cool off overnight and try again in the morning.

scrith9 | 17. Dezember 2018

Same issue here. I tried folding and unfolding the drivers side mirror from the touchscreen and when it unfolds it does not return the the correct position (it’s low). Happens every time. I notice a “click” when the mirror unfolds that makes me suspect it’s a hardware and not a software issue.

AndyB19 | 14. Juli 2019

This looks like an old thread, but I have the same problem with a new m3. It’s likely software.
Every time after Easy Entry, the driver’s mirror returns too low after I get in. If I select a different driver, and then reselect myself, the mirror goes to the correct position. So it DOES remember the setting, and the mechanicals work. I tried turning off auto rotate, but that doesn’t matter. Does anyone know if their was a final fix for this?

vmulla | 14. Juli 2019

Had this for a while oh way back when Model 3 was rare. Update fixed it.

Reset car, adjust mirrors, test.

DAlexModel3 | 15. Juli 2019

I have a similar problem. When the car is set to my wife's profile and I change it to my profile, the driver's side mirror does not move to the correct position. However, if I set it to Easy Entry first, then to my profile, the mirror adjusts correctly. I have tried saving profile numerous times, no change. The Pax mirror works fine.

dmitrii.kingsman | 25. November 2019

Have same problem in model x

diane.haslam | 26. Dezember 2019

I have this issue as well. If I select my profile (a second time from the original setting), it does set the driver's side mirror to the correct position. So that tells me the setting is saved, I just have to re-select my profile again to get the driver's mirror to the correct setting.

FISHEV | 26. Dezember 2019

Just started doing it to me on the latest update, 2019.40x.x.

On mine it stays in the backup position as though it doesn’t know car has shifted to drive. At least we can use voice command to move it back but definitely a bug in the last update.

goddesavatar | 26. Dezember 2019

I have same problem long time too. It was fixed but it’s started again. When I’m driving i have to touch my profile name then it fixes, other than that nope! The problem is my profile name is far away a little bit and it’s annoying when I’m driving... i wish it could be more closer like the other corner to touch:((

kevin_rf | 26. Dezember 2019

Been living with the problem, if I reverse out of a parking spot I don't see it, but if I pull forward out of a parking spot the mirror is pointed down at the ground. When I notice it, if I quickly pull up the menu and select adjust mirrors, tap the thumb wheel and click restore instead of save my mirrors go to the correct position.

Kinda annoyed with it, especially when leaving work and the highway is a short hop from the parking lot. Making the ramp merge without a working mirror on 495 in Lawrence is dicey. I have gotten tired of submitting bug reports on it. Several dozen and no action. When I remember I just reverse out of the work parking lot. Even if I have a pull through.

diane.haslam | 27. Dezember 2019

I have this issue as well. If I select my profile (a second time from the original setting), it does set the driver's side mirror to the correct position. So that tells me the setting is saved, I just have to re-select my profile again to get the driver's mirror to the correct setting.

FISHEV | 27. Dezember 2019

"if I reverse out of a parking spot I don't see it, but if I pull forward out of a parking spot the mirror is pointed down at the ground."

I guess turning off the rear downward look is the solution until Tesla fixes the bug.

ThunderStrike | 02. Januar 2020

This started for me after the Christmas update. I’ve gotten 2 more updates since then for bug fixes, but none has resolved this issue for me.

It’s only the driver side mirror and I have to tap my profile 1-3 times in order for it to go up into normal position. I really hope a fix is coming soon because it looks like this thread goes back over a year.