It's not you Tesla, it's me. I'm seeing other cars now....

It's not you Tesla, it's me. I'm seeing other cars now....

Bighorn | 08. April 2018

Another option this year? Good luck with that.

dgstan | 08. April 2018

That Jaguar I-Pace intrigues me. Supposedly starts at around $70k, but I don't know if that's loaded or bare-bones. I also don't know when it'll actually be in showrooms so we can see it and drive it.

OTOH - We don't need to see and drive cars anymore before we buy them, do we?

rdavis | 08. April 2018

I don't see any point to your post...

What other "electric" cars are you talking about... surely not the BMW i3 If you're looking for a pure electric, then BMW doesn't have plans until 2020-ish... more likely 2021-2022 time frame.

rjadams72 | 08. April 2018

Cancel your reservation and you enjoy that BMW i3, such a beauty!

TSLAholic | 08. April 2018

Just be sure to also to invest in a tow rig and trailer since when you say "take to the track", you should really say "trailer to the track". I hope you take the time to think this through and realize that no other brands offer a charging solution that allows you to drive to the track, race, and then drive home within a reasonable amount of time, without spending hours on end plugged in while you go out of your mind counting the hours.

MAXXX Q | 08. April 2018

@rDavis the point is....I've gone off the boil. I'm no longer finding the Model 3 compelling. This is a marketing public relations issue.

TSLAholic | 08. April 2018

Then please do yourself a favor and follow rjadams72's advice. This is a personal decision issue; nothing public about this.

MAXXX Q | 08. April 2018

@TSLAholic yeah this would definitely be a "tow to the track and tow back" scenario.

rdavis | 08. April 2018


It’s interesting that you come “off the boil” right at the cusp of delivery.

If you follow these forum, you’d note all the others “excitement” rise, not decline. If it’s truly the opposite for you then cancel now and buy something else. I can’t imagine you’d be satisfied any other way.

Xerogas | 08. April 2018

I think the new roadster is for you, then. Plenty exciting about that car, and you can take it to the track and home again under its own power.

jcd82 | 08. April 2018

Please cancel so I can move up a spot.

carlk | 08. April 2018

Not sure what these rants are for. There bound to be a few who will buy the I-Pace, i3 or whatever even though you will pay more and get less not to mention you will be without the use charging infrastructure. That's just each individual decision everyone is free to spend his money the way he wants. On the other hand thinking existence of those "competitions" would make Tesla to give you a better deal, in either pricing, features or delivery, is just someone's fantasy.

Bighorn | 08. April 2018


lilbean | 08. April 2018

Oh the good ole "it's not you, it's me" line. And they always come crawling back.:)

chadrchristensen79 | 08. April 2018

With a few upgrades I think you could have a lot of fun with the 3 at the track.

mos6507 | 08. April 2018

"I think the new roadster is for you, then."

Ditto. This guy is not the target demo for a car at the Model 3's pricepoint.

Dsmtesla | 08. April 2018

enjoy any other electric car you buy, within 75 miles of your home :) cuz without a charging network thats all you get.

rxlawdude | 08. April 2018

I think OP has a one track mind. :-)

Silver2K | 08. April 2018

rxlawdude | April 8, 2018
I think OP has a one track mind. :-)
But is the OP on the right track?

KP in NPT | 08. April 2018

I don’t get it Do you want a supercar for your daily driver? That seems excessive.

brian | 08. April 2018

Again, I'm amazed by the attitudes, quite frankly. I personally think the OP has a point... is certainly within their rights to say so... MANY posts in forums have "no point" - that shouldn't be the issue. What's wrong with somebody saying they've lost excitement? Clearly, this person WANTS to want the car. Sounds like they even STILL WANT the car. Just losing excitement. I totally get it. As I was logging in to the forums today to review what I've missed over the past 2 or 3 days, the first thought that hit *me* was... I wish they would let me change the blue car image to my personal color choice. I'm tired of logging in and seeing the blue car, which I don't happen to like the look of. It's a tiny thing, but even stupid crap like that... loading he image of the car that *I* want versus the one they were trying to "push" for a while... tiny stuff like that can "keep me on edge" craving the car... or not. Perfectly reasonable emotion OP... don't let everyone make you seem petty. It's not.

bernard.holbrook | 08. April 2018

The Tesla 3 is NOT a track car. Brakes were destroyed after a few laps.

Still a good car, just not a track car if stock.

MAXXX Q | 08. April 2018

@bernard.holbrook -- Yeah best to check out places Unplugged Performance for track upgrades.

MAXXX Q | 08. April 2018

@brian Thanks for getting "my point"! :)

bernard.holbrook | 08. April 2018

@Jar loc - Thanks for the link but $10k for brakes and $15k for rims is waayyyyy out of my price range.

cnistal1 | 08. April 2018

In my opinion there aren’t any EVs on the horizon that compare with the M3. Yes, that may change in a couple of years. Certainly non with the Supercharger network to facilitate travel.

Fortunes | 08. April 2018

I-pace looks great, actually, and should be in showrooms when delivery starts late summer. Not in the same price class as the model 3 or aimed at the same demographic though. I honestly don't think it'll cannibalize Tesla as much as it'll bring new buyers to the EV fold.

What's interesting to me is that Jaguar seems to be the only old school manufacturer that's trying to learn from Tesla (e.g. OTA updates, use of reservations, pure EV platform)

RedTeslaModel3 | 08. April 2018

You guys missing the point, Elon doesn’t want 100% of EV market. He wants 2%. I am glad more EV is coming out, just disapointed to see 2019 or 2020 for the next drivable. Model 3 is doing its job, force the auto industry to evolve.

TSLAholic | 08. April 2018


I was actually quite sincere in my comments above. It doesn't affect my excitement whether the OP chooses to not proceed with the purchase. I may disagree that the post is an issue of public relations, but otherwise the reasons I listed as to why there is currently no substitute for a car that would allow a trip to the race track without spending most of the day stuck at a charger are rather valid.
I've been tracking my cars for the past 16 years, so it stands to reason that my expectations of M3 would be similar to those of the OP. I've driven first production M3, and in my opinion, it makes one fun daily driver. Having said that, a track car it is not. Now take away the ability to supercharge and what you are left with are the current alternatives.

jopp2 | 08. April 2018

hyundai has an all electric coming out this year with greater range and power than m3, and less expensive.

mos6507 | 08. April 2018

The Kona will also offer a traditional binnacle, a HUD option, and it's a CUV with a hatch, all things a lot of early reservists were hoping the Model 3 was going to have. It will just not have an AWD option and is on CCS rather than Supercharger. For me, I'm probably at 50/50 on whether I get a Model 3 or a Kona depending on how things pan out with the ramp. I think if they send enough of them to the US it will be more of a contender than the Bolt has been. It's not the kind of car the OP is looking for, though.

bernard.holbrook | 08. April 2018

@jopp2 - Hyundai? Which one?

You can't be talking about the Ioniq because it only has 120 miles of range and 120 hp

The Kona is a little closer with 250 miles of range but only 200 hp and and only 290 ftlb of torque (different sites are reporting some differences in the specs:

Is there another Hyundia electric coming soon that I missed?

Tesla 3 on a dyno 281 hp and 550 ftlb of torque:

Another run, some concerns about the setup so the number is thought to be high.

So can you please tell us all what car you mean and please show us your source? Thanks.

burdogg | 08. April 2018

jopp2 - is Keef who has a beef with Tesla, no need to listen to him or feed him. known for falsifying information...

Tesla2018 | 08. April 2018

Isnt Porsche coming out with an all electric car?

ebmcs03 | 08. April 2018

Yes the Porsche Mission E

kzodz | 09. April 2018

Ignore them. Too many people get so defensive on this forum whenever anyone says that any other car might be better for them. Do keep in mind that all of the other manufacturers are copying Tesla now and announcing NEW incredible cars years (a decade?) before they will actually come out. By the time the Model 3 is widely available I doubt any of them will be easily attained. Could be some good bargains available in the current crop of available EV's though. But the BMW 3 series EV? Vaporware.

spuzzz123 | 09. April 2018

Do we know for sure JOPP2 is keef? Been reading about him, he's made quite a name for himself. Submits fake safety violation reports to the NHTSA, then drums up stories in forums like this to call attention to it. If he lived in the US (I think he's australian) wouldn't this qualify as criminal fraud or obstruction of some kind? And if he has a verified short position how about SEC fraud?

TabascoGuy | 09. April 2018

If it walks like a duck and talks like a duck...

Close enough.

coolnewworld | 09. April 2018

By all means, settle for less. I know 2 people that did. I took them both for rides in my Model 3 over the weekend and they HATE themselves for bailing on their reservations. The look of horrified regret on their faces is something I'll never forget.


coolnewworld | 09. April 2018

The wait is enough to drive anyone crazy, but it's a good crazy. Your excitement for the Model 3 should come from within. I read every article on the car, every single day for the last 2 years. Now that I have the car, I still enjoying reading everything as it's a happy part of my day.

I do sympathize with you, but hang tough. You'll be so glad you did.

johnyi | 09. April 2018

keep in mind those euro EV's may not go on sale in the US at the same time they launch in Europe. Porsche launched their Panamera 4 e-hybrid in Europe a full year before the US (still not available here). Plus the public fast charging networks are further along in Europe than they are in the US. I was hoping for a Mission-E but I'm kind of giving up assuming it will be 2020 before I could buy on in the US.

andy.connor.e | 09. April 2018

I had to pull the trigger and got a Camry. My back and posture couldnt take the little Yaris anymore, and i figured that im ~400,000th in line. By the time i get my invitation it'll be almost a year from now. I'll be a crippled old man hunched over by then. I am too going to keep my reservation, but holding back for another year or 2. Perhaps if my job gives me a significant pay increase, i'll think about doing it sooner.

But other factors of consideration, my area is not ready for EVs. There are no chargers in my residence or where i work, and granted i know that i could make it work otherwise. I'll still contact Tesla about installing destination chargers either at work or in my residential complex. Time got the best of me, and i needed a car i could actually fit in more than i needed it to be electric. Very unfortunate, but i dont regret the decision. Tesla is not going anywhere, and i am going to own one. Just not right now.

johnyi | 09. April 2018

@andy, makes perfect sense. My son is in a similar situation; would love a Tesla, but no place to charge at his apartment complex or work, and nearest Supercharger is 15 miles away. Just not practical yet. But he's still saving up for one in the future, maybe after moving somewhere that has charging available. He has vision / depth perception issues especially at night so is really looking forward to EAP/FSD...

Bri | 09. April 2018

That sucks Andy but don’t blame you, If I couldn’t charge at home or work I wouldn’t be in the market for a pure EV but I might keep reservation just because.

Alex_SD | 09. April 2018

excellent point. I always wondered about people living in apartment complexes, what do you do??
In San Diego there is only ONE supercharger right now... Not practical at all...
Many more to come from what I hear...

Shock | 10. April 2018

@andy, I noticed you had disappeared and figured you had taken a break from the tesla idea.

I'll probably follow suit soon, though in my case I'll pull the $1k on principle. I frankly would never have put the $1k down if I knew the $35k was so neutered anyway, thus "forcing" me to the PUP + EAP, which will come so late there is no federal credit left. $45k for a 220 mile (best case; realistically much lower than that in the winter) car with no local support just isn't very interesting to me.

spuzzz123 | 10. April 2018

Shock you should wait until you know for sure that they hit 200k in q2. If that happens, and they hit real ramp-up numbers before q3, they'll be able to pump out over 100k more M3s that qualify for the full fed tax credit. They may very well be into standard options by then, at least for early reservers. Unless you really need the $1k, I'd hold off.

spuzzz123 | 10. April 2018

sorry I meant to say, if they DONT hit 200k in q2.

rdavis | 10. April 2018

@Shock... maybe you can’t afford a $ 45,000 car. That’s understandable; however if you look at the market of similar quality class ICE cars you see the same price range for pretty much same price (Infiniti, Lexus, Acura, Volvo, Lincoln and Cadillac). Difference being range of ICE car vs EV, which may be a valid swing decision point if you have the need for more than 220 Miles. I’d contest that a lot of those worried really don’t need more than 220 Miles.

So you may feel the need to pull your alleged reservation for principle, but I don’t know what car you’re expecting to replace it with on the same level of finish at a lower price... either ICE or EV.

johnyi | 10. April 2018

@rdavis, what about Honda / Toyota / Nissan / VW? Or even Ford / Chevy? The M3 isn't a luxury car, it's billed as a mass market car. Motor Trend just did a face-off between an under-$40K Accord 2.0T Touring and the base Audi A4, and they came away saying the Accord was more luxurious. That line has become very blurred. And the Accord 0-60 is 5.8s, within spitting range of the M3 SR.