How long is the wait for Tesla Powerwall 2?

How long is the wait for Tesla Powerwall 2?

I am currently in Michigan. I already have a solar array on my home. Given that we have net metering in our state, I was mostly looking to have a Powerwall installed for energy backup. We had a 2 week power outage this past March. I ordered a Powerwall in March of 2017 and really haven't heard much at all from Tesla. I called in the summer of 2017 and they said there were no certified installers yet in Michigan but they were working on it. I received an email from Tesla in fall of 2017 that said they were going to begin installations in area in 4-8 weeks and someone would be contacting me. Still no one has reached out to me. I inquired at the Tesla store where they are advertising to sell Tesla Powerwalls and the salespeople had no clue. Anyone have a similar story?

PFP | 03. November 2018

I signed up for Solar + 2 PW last month. The solar side needs to be up and running before the End of Year to get the rebates. Hoping to get on the schedule for this month today. Has anyone done the contract for Solar + PW and had them installed at separate times while waiting for the PW? Can they hook everything up so that when the PW show up, it is a quick install?

Tesla-David | 03. November 2018

There was a 4-PW2 installation last month on Mercer Island, WA, so there are some installations getting done, when PW2's are available. That individual came over to see our installation, so that is how I heard about it.

shive | 04. November 2018

If it’s any consolation, I am still waiting for word about my 2 PW2 installation also in RI. I applied last year and still no update :(. I have called a few times, but nothing definite and while all of the relevant paperwork has been done, there is still no movement on my project.

ripatriot | 05. November 2018

ugh you have permission from national grid and still no installation date?

i signed my interconnection agreement last week. thought i was getting closer to no more blackouts :(

shive | 05. November 2018

I signed my interconnection agreement in May and still nothing...not sure if the hangup is with National Grid or if there is a shortage in the number of PWs available in New England. If you get any additional info, please pass it along...I will do the same.

shank15217 | 20. November 2018

@shive Its mostly an inventory problem, Tesla basically doesn't have enough batteries to allocate to power walls in any meaningful numbers. I suspect that will change in 2019 as the EV vehicle rebate drops in Q1. Tesla will probably make a larger push to install power walls in 2019 because it is the beginning of the phase out of the 30% tax rebate on battery and solar installs. We are mostly all in the same boat, waiting for inventory.

Model X Guy | 21. November 2018

Order agreement date 11/19/2016. Nothing yet. Signed Purchase agreement on 2/07/2018. Sent notarized permit application. still nothing. I have had several Tesla Advisors over the last 2 years. I am a Model X owner if that means anything, ( I guess not). When to an invited affair for Tesla owners concerning solar and the powerwalls months ago, but still nothing. Location SW Florida

gabezzz | 23. November 2018

If there are so many customer in the US waiting for pw2, how much time should I wait for it in EU, Hungary? 5 years? :)

artisjr | 26. November 2018

Please see the below from the Referral program concerning the Powerwall

"Thank you for contacting Tesla regarding the Referral Program.

We apologize for any inconvenience this delayed response has caused.

Signature Black Wall Connectors are currently out of stock. We hope to replenish our stock soon and resume shipment in January.

We are currently experiencing a part constraint for these wheels, which was not anticipated. Once we receive all necessary parts back in stock, and the wheels are assembled, your Service Center will be in contact to set up an appointment for installation.

We are currently experiencing higher than expected Powerwall demand backlog, due to inventory being routed to Puerto Rico, to help in emergency restoration of power. Rest assured, we are continuing to build Powerwalls as fast as we can to meet this global demand.

We will be able to deliver on your Founder Series Powerwall early next year. We will continue to keep you updated on the timing of your Powerwall.

As we work to fulfill your award to the shipping info in your Lootbox, please alert us immediately if it needs to be updated."

knorton101 | 02. Dezember 2018

I reserved my PW2 system Nov. 2017, still waiting on the install. I have been reaching out to my account rep. every 3-4 weeks regarding an installation date. So far I have yet to receive an installation date. I understand demand is high for this product but it is discouraging that I can not even get an estimated date. Primary reason for the system was to have a source during power outages and a system that can tie into my solar panels made a lot of sense. (Solar City Customer since 2015). Due to the multiple delivery delays I have had to purchase a portable gas generator to hedge against outages. (I have had to use it twice since July 2018).
i really do like the technology but I wish Tesla could get its supply chain in order.

Larr2000 | 16. Dezember 2018

I ordered the PW1 2 years ago and have been waiting since. Site survey is done, engineering is done, permits pulled (probably expired now) and still all the website indicates is delivery late 2018.

Well, since PW2 is now being advertised in my local Mission Viejo mall, I went to them for an update, clueless but a supervisor said someone would call, took my number - that was August 2018. Installers have been trained in San Diego, but none in my local area.

Even after installing my panels in June of 2016, I am still being billed ~$500/year from Edison for delivery charges. My extra energy back to the grid does not cover my delivery charges. That delivery is about $50/month, does anyone else have these charges? if so, how to then compare to Southern California charges?

Appreciate any feedback before I cancel my PM2 order....

Vaomega | 16. Dezember 2018

I signed the solar 10.4 kwh system and 2x PW2 agreement in mid-May 2018 and got my solar installed with net metering approved by Dominion Power in the northern Virginia area by late September. I been calling customer service once a month about the powerwall and been told I'm looking at a March/April 2019 install date. I wish I went with another vendor for the LG/Panasonic panels with 2x LG Chem Resu battery, it wouldve been cheaper and done all at once. I only went with Tesla because of their warranty.

LARR2000 - FYI, my standby charge in the northern VA area is about 7.50 a month with net metering.

Mediumed | 19. Dezember 2018

I just scheduled an installation date of 1/4/19 of a 6.3kw system with one powerwall 2. I repeatedly asked if the powerwall would be delayed and they said that all issues have been resolved and there would be no delay in getting the powerwall. We shall see, I'll let you guys know what happens.

drmelendez78 | 19. Dezember 2018

I live in Southern Ca .I ordered mine back back on 2/18. It was installed in November and received a PTO 12/3.

slewit | 05. Januar 2019

I ordered mine in April 2017 and I am still waiting. Melbourne FL, They did the site survey, quote and I accepted, did a great job. It just keeps getting delayed. They are now saying 1Q2019 for install..But I am not holding my breath. Hoping i get my install before the 2 year mark hits !

gojanicego | 09. Januar 2019

Our power wall purchase agreement was signed 6/7/2018. It states - "Approximate Completion Date: 4-6 months from the day you sign this agreement." On November 30th, Wanda from Tesla left a message on our voice mail that our two powerwalls were in the warehouse and ready to be install, to please call back to confirm we still wanted them and to set-up the date for the installation. She said they wanted to install them before the end of December. We called back and they said they were waiting for the engineer before scheduling and would call us back. After a week or so, we called again. They said the engineer would call us back. We waiting and then called again. They said we needed to fill out another form to get the approval from the electricity company. We had already done this when our solar panels were installed. They didn't call and again we called them back. This time they said they gave our batteries to the motor company division. Since we didn't like being treated this way, I reached out to the different email address available in our purchase agreements and this Tesla website. Our sales representative said to give him a couple of days to see if they can work something out. We received a call tonight saying that the message left on the phone, November 30th was not meant to tell us that our batteries were available. It was a call to all customers to find-out who still wanted their powerwalls and that we will probably get our power walls in two months. I hope someone that values customers are reading this because the purchase agreements and the things you are told are not reliable and most business don't survive doing this.

george | 09. Januar 2019

My order placed in October 2017 for two Powerwall 2 units was just installed last week, so it was a 15 month wait here in San Diego. We had pre-existing solar.

shive | 09. Januar 2019

Just an update here for New England/Rhode Island— signed our contract in November 2017 and install is scheduled to take place this upcoming Monday!

dortor | 11. Januar 2019

Ordered May 2018 - Install date now Feb 14th, 2019

bj | 17. Januar 2019

I put the deposit on my solar + Powerwall 2 system on 27 Dec, and the Powerwall 2 is arriving tomorrow, so that’s 22 days. But I’m in Australia, which is the Norway for Tesla’s storage products. We might be waiting 3.5 years to get our Model 3s, but at least we’re at the front of the queue for storage :)

Having gloated, I should add the solar installer I’m using are a big Powerwall buyer and told me they bring in about 200 per month. So I don’t know when the one I ordered from them was ordered by them, but even still, it was super fast.

Tesla-David | 17. Januar 2019

@bj Congratulations. You will love the solar + power wall combination. We are absolutely delighted with our two PW2’s installed in June 2018 to complement our 13.2 kWh solar system previously installed in 2012. Works well i self powered ode . Good luck.

steve0 | 18. Januar 2019

I signed the order contract on November 28th, 2018 on my solar + full home Powerwall backup (3 Powerwalls) and the installation is scheduled for Feb. 5th-7th, 2019. So excited!!!

Patrick | 21. Januar 2019

@Tesla-David - what is the average daily energy demand in kWh from your home?

shank15217 | 22. Januar 2019

An update from Virginia, Tesla contacted me regarding my power wall installation, looks like they are ready to move forward. They have to get a couple of permits again because they expired but as soon as that is completed they will provide me with an installation date, maybe 1-2 months, very excited.

carchargerpro | 22. Januar 2019

In the meantime does anyone know of any other options? Has anyone tried to use the LG CHEM battery product? I heard they had a solution that might fill the gap until PW is readily available.


Tesla-David | 22. Januar 2019

@Patrick,it depends on time of year last year we averaged 13.8 kWh/day with ~6 months of our 2-PW2 battery use in self powered mode, and our solar averaged 34.5 kWh/day over the same period. The ranges we observed for our home in 2018 was 0 kWh/day to high of 29.7 kWh, which included charging two Tesla's (MS and M3). If we eliminate the Tesla charging our electricity demand for home alone was: 9.0 kWh/day Average for 2018, ranging from 0 kWh/day to 21.7 kWh/day. Our 13.2 kWh solar system with our two PW2 batteries enabled us to produce 252 percent of our electricity, including charging our EVs, and we actually exported 60 Percent of our electricity back to grid. With a full year of PW2 battery use, our electricity demand will go down much more than 2018. The PW2's are an incredible product, and we have absolutely been blown away with how well they have performed up in Edmonds, WA.

Patrick | 22. Januar 2019

Based on my research and recent discussions with a handful of independent solar solution providers, no one else is even close to Tesla in terms of overall value prop, i.e. system size, ease of scalability, cost per kWh, continuous load, form factor, warranty, etc.

From what I can tell, many if not most solution providers would prefer to sell PW2s, but they are super-frustrated by the extended availability delays. Their customers want battery systems installed now. Frustrations for some have been exacerbated as they've already invested/completed Tesla training but just can't get the products... I've been blaming it on Model 3 demand.

I'm also anxious to learn more about other solutions that are working well, but so far it seems like the best thing to do is wait. The good news is that numerous folks here in the forum are starting to get their installations, so hopefully dealer deliveries will finally start ramping up in 2019.

The last time I looked the LG Chem was the next-best option for AC-coupled systems in the US. I understand a few decent DC-coupled options exist as well. I'm researching further for our new project and will share anything useful here...

Patrick | 22. Januar 2019

Thanks @Tesla-David.

Man-o-man, I sure wish our average daily demand was in the 15 kWh range. We averaged about 65 kWh per day here in FL in 2018 and I'm expecting something in the same range for the new project we have in mind.

My current challenge is scaling up the PW2 array size to operate in a) quasi-self-powered mode, and b) whole-house UPS backup mode at these higher daily energy levels without breaking the bank...

Tesla-David | 22. Januar 2019

@Patrick, we did a lot of weatherization repairs to our 1987 built home (extra insulation, etc.), LED lighting, Energy Star appliance replacements, replaced all our double pane windows with LOE-366 Argon filled windows (40 percent more efficient), and swapped out gas furnace/water heater for heat pump and heat pump water heater. The additive effects of all these changes dramatically reduced our electricity use in our all electric home over last 6 years. Our total electric bill for 2018 was only $180. If you haven't looked into heat pumps you should, as they are incredibly efficient, and also have cooling component, which we have rarely needed up here. We also added ceiling fans to all rooms, and they are another addition that has helped our energy usage. I believe we sized our 2 PW2 correctly. I just wish we had more solar this time of year, as we are not able to fully charge the batteries during the winter due to lower solar production. It will start ticking back up next month, and by March we should be fully self sufficient wit zero energy demand from grid. It was amazing last July, August, September, October, as our grid draw was zero in self powered mode. Good luck with your installation. I love our PW2's and know you will too.

Tesla-David | 22. Januar 2019

Oops, just realized you are in the que and are not sure what you might end up with. I waited for almost 3years to get our installation, and had to elevate my frustration up the Tesla-Energy management chain to get action. The Model 3 ramp had a huge impact on PW2 production. I was told as much by 2 Tesla-Energy employees out reviewing our PW2 installation. They said many employees were called to work on M3 assembly during the height of the ramp. I firmly believe the PW2 is the best energy storage option, and batteries are ramping up so availability should be improving.

Patrick | 26. Januar 2019

Thanks for the additional info - most appreciated. We are already planning to include as many energy-efficient materials and systems as possible in the new project. Will check on the argon-filled windows as well.

I'm guessing our PW2 order for 3 units won't be filled for at least a year or so, but this no problem as we're not in a rush for deployment. The biggest issues so far are the 200A gateway limitation and the local utility offering only dual-metering vs. net-metering in the new location. What should have been a simple project is quickly turning into a pretty big challenge... Might have to abandon our preference for a PW2 battery solution and consider other alternatives.

Started looking at Pika recently, appears to be another nice design using Panasonic battery modules, checking on pricing. AFAIK, so far no one is even close to PW2 on price/kWh....

michael.corrieri | 26. Januar 2019

They already installed mine - TWO powerwall 2.0, in September of 2018 - and you can have them. We have finally decided to turn them off.

IF we turn them off, we can sell our extra energy to APS during the day.

IF we turn them on, with their low energy efficiency (you get less energy out than you put in) we spend most of our energy just charging the walls.

If I can sell them, I will purchase more solar panels. The APS credits will be worth it. My two are hooked together (stacked two deep against the garage) so they can't be split up. I considered putting them on ebay - but they'll need professional removal. Which brings me to part two - I wish I'd leased them rather than buy them so I could tell tesla to take them back.

My advice: Skip the powerwalls. If you need backup power, consider a generator. Spend the money on more panels until you are zero energy costs for the whole year.

Patrick | 27. Januar 2019

Interesting - thx Michael. Where are they located, I assume somewhere in the US?

Surprised to hear they didn’t meet your performance expectations and would like to better understand the situation. What is the max power output of your current solar generator in kW? Was is the average home energy consumption in kWH per day, month or year?

If they are anywhere near FL pls contact me by email

Due to the local utility decision to use dual-metering vs. net-metering in our new location we may end up using a LP gas generator to handle grid failures anyway, but over time the LP fuel costs vs solar PV can get crazy.

Patrick | 27. Januar 2019

And which utility is APS?

Mediumed | 27. Januar 2019

Hi folks,
I had my Solar system installed 1/24/19. 6.3 KWH with the powerwall 2 and HD Wave inverter. As promised from a couple of months ago the powerwall showed up the same day and was installed. I asked about delays that people were reporting in getting their powerwalls on time and they told me that priority is given to complete solar system installations and if the powerwall is ordered separately that there will be a delay but they also claimed that they are catching up with demand. hope this helps.

george | 28. Januar 2019

Michael.corrieri - where are your powerwalls located, and how much do you want for them? I already have the controls, etc. for my existing 2, so only need the powerwalls themselves.

Tesla-David | 30. Januar 2019

@michael.corrieri, I have to say after reading your rant against your PW2 installation, I couldn't disagree with you more. We had our 2-PW2 installation in June 2018 and we couldn't be happier with our installation in Edmonds, WA and they have exceeded our expectations. Tesla has an outstanding product and I totally recommend solar + PW2 to anybody interested in self sufficiency and saving money on energy. I posted a more complete summary above on how well our PW2's have integrated with our 13.2 kWh solar system. Too much FUD being spread! Yes, Tesla needs to ramp up their PW2 production for folks waiting in the que. I waited almost 3 years for my installation. Was it worth it? It absolutely was.

shank15217 | 01. Februar 2019

My installation is on 22nd Feb, very excited.

Tesla-David | 03. Februar 2019

@shank15217, good luck. You will not be disappointed. I am blown away with how well they are working for us.

bcheckley | 21. Februar 2019

Sounds like I was fortunate. I ordered 3 PW2 on May 17th and they were installed December 26th.

Now if I can get the card replacement done, so they'll be back online (used for a month before they had to return a card in the Gateway... due to be replaced next week!)

bcheckley | 21. Februar 2019

Sounds like I was fortunate. I ordered 3 PW2 on May 17th and they were installed December 26th.

Now if I can get the card replacement done, so they'll be back online (used for a month before they had to return a card in the Gateway... due to be replaced next week!)

whartnell6 | 28. Februar 2019

I reserved a tesla in early 2018.

groovygravy10 | 14. März 2019

After a year and 13 days of waiting for my PW2's to be installed... They are getting installed next week. It will be interesting to see the results.

Model X Guy | 16. März 2019

Ordered ours 11/19/2016. Installed today, 03/16/2019.

mattolkowski | 16. März 2019

ordered mine with solar nov 2018. Installed this week.

noel.smyth | 17. März 2019

I ordered my Power Wall in March of 2018 during a three day grid outage (I have grid tied solar, so my panels were useless during the outage). I just got the Power Wall installed this past week, almost a year to the day. they were good about communications along the way, the installers were very professional. Overall a good experience understanding that the battery was delayed due to the model 3 rollout. I suspect that now that Tesla is caught up on the model 3 backlog, the time for a power wall may be more reasonable. good luck.

Tesla-David | 17. März 2019

Congratulations @Model X Guy and @mattolkowski. We had ours 2-PW2's installed on 6/22/18 and have been blown away with their performance with our 13.2 kWh solar system. Report back on how they are working for you.

mttrot | 17. März 2019

What is the wait time for Powerwalls now? I was told 7 months back in August and now customer service can't give me an answer but said I will probably have the wait another 7 months and no one will get back with me now with an honest answer. Very frustrated.
I live in Southern California.

RobertsEJ | 18. März 2019

I ordered my 2 Powerwalls in February 2018 and had them installed March 2, 2019.

TLSC | 18. März 2019

We ordered our 2 PWs in January 2018, singed the purchase agreement in April 2018, installation started today March 18, 2019 and will be completed tomorrow.
I live in the SF South Bay Area, the crew doing our install said they were from the Central Valley and were brought over to help with installs in our area this month and had done 5 since the start of the month.
Hopefully, that’s some indication of backlogs being addressed.