How long is the wait for Tesla Powerwall 2?

How long is the wait for Tesla Powerwall 2?

I am currently in Michigan. I already have a solar array on my home. Given that we have net metering in our state, I was mostly looking to have a Powerwall installed for energy backup. We had a 2 week power outage this past March. I ordered a Powerwall in March of 2017 and really haven't heard much at all from Tesla. I called in the summer of 2017 and they said there were no certified installers yet in Michigan but they were working on it. I received an email from Tesla in fall of 2017 that said they were going to begin installations in area in 4-8 weeks and someone would be contacting me. Still no one has reached out to me. I inquired at the Tesla store where they are advertising to sell Tesla Powerwalls and the salespeople had no clue. Anyone have a similar story?

xoxoteslamom | 19. März 2019

We received our proposal for solar PV and one Powerwall early December 2018. Our install was scheduled mid February 2019. A design problem was discovered by the PV install crew due to the 200+ year old age of our house, so the install was stopped for redesign. A month later, mid March 2019 the same crews returned and completed the install of both the PV and Powerwall systems. Now we are waiting for town inspection and then for Eversource CT give us the go ahead to turn on our system.

shank15217 | 21. März 2019

Powerwalls have been running flawlessly for a month now, awesome product, my garage looks like a Tesla showroom now. BTW if they stack the powerwalls, they actually make a hole in back one. It's cringeworthy to see them cut a metal piece out of the pristine metal front. :)

Tesla-David | 21. März 2019

@shank 15217 Congrats and couldn’t agree more, PW2’s are indeed an awesome product. We had our 2 PW2’s installed on 6/21/18, and they have operated flawlessly in self powered mode. We are operating as a micro grid using little to no grid energy, supplying our all electric home, charging two Tesla’s and exported 60 percent of our solar energy back to gridlast year. We also did our installation in our garage, but did not stack ours.

xoxoteslamom | 02. April 2019

Update: SolarPv system and Powerwall are turned on. Eversource installed the net meter and granted permission to operate in one day! Our Powerwall is the first one installed in our town of Branford, CT. And I am enjoying the Tesla App as I watch power generated by the PV panels, used by our household, stored in and discharged from the Powerwall.

Tesla-David | 03. April 2019

Congratulations @xoxoteslamom, I totally agree, we also love the Tesla app, and ability to monitor the performance of the PW2's and solar throughout the day. We just got back from vacation in Hawaii, and it was nice to see everything working well while we were away. We absolutely love how well the PW2's complement our solar system, and with the solar ticking back up, we have not used any grid energy since 2/20/19.