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2020 Roadster Moral Support Group

Is there a moral support group for Roadster reservation holders? I know its going to be 2+ years but WHY am I checking the reservation page daily? My OCD is killing me. XD


  • Roadster! Sorry there is no edit function here.
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    You can edit the original post. Look on the top left as you view the thread.
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    @israel_melendez, there should be an "Edit" button for you to edit the very first post; Don't ask me why Tesla lets someone edit the very first post, but nobody can edit their replies. The Edit button is at the very top of the screen, just under the "TESLA" logo.

    Also, it should be "morale" instead of "moral". My morals are just fine. :) But we can try to keep each other's morale up as we wait for years.
  • Thank you both. Weird it only shows up at one location. Edited!
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    I was hugging the MyTesla page too for the Model X.

    There is even more excitement for the Roadster, but I at least have my P100DL to keep me happy in the meantime.
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    Well, it is 2019 and perhaps a few more months to go. I get the excitement of owning the fastest car on the road. I look forward to driving one in 2020, but will never find out just how fast it can go unless I take it for a spin around the race track. I need to find one here in northern California. Hang in there guys.
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