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Why is Tesla under so much scrutiny when an accident occurs???

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I did a quick look and google search on car accidents that resulted in fire or death. This not exhausted just a quick one. When it comes to article written about Tesla crash they mention the brands 16 times and NTSB involvent 5 times while other crashes/death/fire mention brands or NTSP once or none.

USNews - May 9, 2018 - Feds Probe Tesla Crash and Fire in Which 2 Teens Killed - Mentioned Tesla 16 times - Mentioned NTSB 5 times
CNBC May 9, 2018 - NTSB opens an investigation into Tesla crash in Florida - Mentioned Tesla 16 times - Mentioned NTSB 5 times

May 8, 2018 - Northbound I-5 lanes at the Grapevine reopen following fiery crash, car pileup - No mention of brand - No mention of NTSB
March 27th 2018. - Woman dies after car crashes into semi, catches fire on I-75. - No mention of brand - No mention of NTSB
Mar 5, 2018. - Woman Dies After Car Crashes Into Tree, Catches Fire in Kendall - Mentioned Nissan once - No mention of NTSB
March 19th 2018 - Jacksonville man dies, woman injured after car crashes into tree, catches fire - Mentioned Hyunday once - Under investigation No mention of NTSB
Dec 26th 2017 - Police: 3 people die after car crashes into tree, explodes and catches fire in Maryland - Mentioned Mercedes once - Under investigation No mention of NTSB

It just seems that the news media is unfairly giving Tesla a black eye?


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    Couple of reasons why this is happening.

    Tesla has received the highest safety ratings for their cars.

    Tesla Model S and X have the largest battery packs - and when accidents result in fires or explosions, this seems more newsworthy than reporting on the much larger number of ICE accidents that also result in fires or explosions.

    Tesla is pushing the envelope on autopilot. Tesla isn't the only manufacturer getting reports when there are accidents, though Tesla will get more because they have over 100,000 cars on the road with AP while the other manufacturers have considerably less on the road today. Because the technology is new, any reports of accidents will be considered newsworthy for a while, even though the percentage of accidents with driver assist or FSD is likely to be much lower than cars driven by humans.

    And, Tesla appears very vulnerable right now. We're approaching a year for the Model 3 "production hell". There are concerns about the model 3 production rate and quality, Tesla's cash flow, unionizing of the plants, worker safety, Musk's recent performance on the analyst call, ..., coupled with the relatively high visibility of Tesla, it's not surprising the media will "pile on", at least as long as Tesla appears vulnerable, making it more newsworthy.

    Tesla goes through periods like this - it happened when the Model S came out - and again when the Model X was introduced. The extended Model 3 introduction, the 1+ year delay in getting AP2 to work reasonably well, and the likelihood Tesla may be exhausting sources for new funding - are making this news cycle more challenging.

    That hasn't stopped us from ordering a new Model X - and looking forward to getting it in June...
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    Consider auto dealers still spend a lot on media ads, where Tesla spends nothing. I wouldn't be surprised if on every Tesla crash, the Auto dealer's association send a quick super negative summary to every news outlet and telling them as a big advertiser, they should cover this "important" news. In the same vain, they likely apply a lot of pressure to not talk about the hundred people or so a day that are getting killed in the cars they sell.

    You also have so many companies and people who want Tesla to fail, that if it's not the dealers associations, it could be unions, shorters, automakers, or any of a number of other groups who are tired of being shown up how lousy their products or operations are in comparison with Tesla.
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    well, in advertising - any vis is good vis. but i also think there's a bit of 'if a car costs over 100 grand - it should never, ever, ever, ever crash or have one thing wrong with it'. so when that does happen, it tends to make news so people in their ford fiestas can feel better about their 12 thousand dollar purchase.
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    Same thing happens when a Ferrari or Rolls Royce gets into an accident. The paparazzi is all over it.

    If a celebrity has an accident the same thing happens. If Joe Blow gets burnt in a Toyota crash it will never be reported, but if Tom Cruise in a Lamborghini hurts someone...Breaking NEWS!
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    I think a part of it is Tesla handling of the Accident in Mountain View. Rather than let the NTSB take the lead, Tesla leaked information and conclusions. I understand why they did that, because the NTSB can take 6 months or longer to publish it's conclusions. But, in doing so they ticked off the NTSB administration. So now they are looking very carefully at every Tesla accident, especially any that involve a fire.

    As a pilot I have seen this happen before. You learn the thing you never do is volunteer information to the FAA or NTSB, and never get in front of the spotlight.
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    For the same reason my husband gets heavily scrutinized every time he has a major victory, such as with N Korea, because the fake news media want to destroy him and can't accept that he's winning.
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    @ TeslaTap.

    Yep. Tesla is truly a disruptor company and its success will doom an industry model.
    The average ICE has something like 2,000 moving parts. Teslas have around 20 that don't rub against one another wearing parts out. Parts manufacturers don't like that.

    Tesla pays it employees well; that makes unions mad. It doesn't help that Tesla pursues a machines making machines production model.

    Auto dealers hate Tesla's buy yours online approach obsoleting the sales guy with 12 gold chains around his neck and the dealership as well. They don't like that.

    Oil companies have every reason to hate Tesla.

    Politicians hate Tesla because they're paid to.

    The legacy automotive press hates, or at least looks down at its nose, at Tesla because of the company's policy of making improvements to its cars with over the air software updates negating the annual New Model Review stories they live off of.

    Analysts have come to hate Tesla because the company has made them look like idiots so many times.

    Shorts hate Tesla because the company has cost them billions covering their positions.

    Much of the regular press don't know what to make of Musk.

    Backyard mechanics who love to tinker with their ICE cars don't like the company because Teslas don't need a whole lot of tweaking and are the fastest production cars on the planet out of the box.

    Legacy car companies loathe Tesla because the EV revolution threatens to destroy billions of dollars of their infrastructure, costs them a fortune to try and catch up on EV design, and isn't saddled with a dealer network like they are.

    Electric utilities are turning into something of an ally but don't quite know what to think about it. Even so, they fear Tesla's energy division and what it threatens to do to their business model.

    When you disrupt you step on a whole lot of peoples' toes.
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    Kudos dmm. Great post.

    It really does seem like tesla has a target on them and you clearly and logically put it all.out there.

    Fake news sucks man. Like how can they write an article and go on and on about tesla fire and not mention how many car fires occur DAILY In ice cars. It's like 150 per day! Staggering. Just poor reporting.

    Also car magazines. Go in and on about some bs lane centering of another car but don't mention tesla.
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    Regarding the press I would also add the lack of advertising money from Tesla.
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    It’s new technology that some are not comfortable with.
    The batteries create a fire a bit different than from an ICE fire(battery and it’s composition -vs- gas).
    The fire departments want to better understand how to deal with battery fires. Best way to extinguish, what if any risk in explosion. What to use...water? Chemical?
    Even Elon commented a few years ago about the media being “laser focused” on a single Tesla fire while litterly there are hundreds of ICE fires on a daily basis that go unreported.
    So yes, the media is still focused on every little tid bit of negative information they can report on Tesla and Elon.
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    Because the accidents are so rare.
    If there were more, nobody would write it up.
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    Because it takes 6 months to get a replacement fender.....
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    "Regarding the press I would also add the lack of advertising money from Tesla.

    I was always puzzled by the fact that even the Bay Area local paper Mercury News had been very anti-Tesla. Of all people they should be ones who are most familiar with the company. Then if you open the weekend paper with pages and pages of advertisements from dealers and auto companies you'd realize Tesla does present a serious threat to their existence. In this internet age these are a very significant part of their remaining ad income now. No one even need to tell them those editors and writers all know what they write would significantly affect their job or livelihood.
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    I had the opportunity to be interviewed at length by a Fox News Radio reporter (who even drove my S and X) about Tesla, Autopilot, Safety, OTA updates, and features. I tried to set the record straight on all of these issues and the story managed to come out pretty positive (as compared to the biased anti-Tesla reporting we repeatedly have been seeing in the press lately!).

    It aired today (5/31/2018) on Fox News Roundup. The link is at: and it starts at 9:40 on the timer (you can scroll past the N Korea segment and be sure to click on 5/31/2018 airing). Let me know what you think!
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