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Powerwall 2 only charging to 85% after outage yesterday

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As tile said we had a power outage for 7 hours yesterday while the local utility did pole replacement. Powerwalls were flawless, and many neighbors were surprised when I plugged my Leaf in to take advantage of the excess solar that would have gone to waste since the grid couldn't take it. Powerwall cycled from discharging to charging all day.

Today was a little surprised that the battery only charged to 85% then started feeding the grid. Is this a protective measure, or did something happen? Anyone with similar experiences?


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    What are your settings set to, and if on time-based control, what is your rate plan?

    My observation is that time-based control on cost savings mode will only charge to backup reserve + 30% on part-peak. That means if I set my backup reserve to 55%, it'll only charge to 85% before starting to discharge. I'm currently experimenting with balanced mode to see if it behaves differently.
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    I keep it set to backup plan since I have solar. I set the maximum allowable usage as 46% since we do get blackouts from time to time. It routinely charges to 100% then dumps the excess solar back to the grid.
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