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Did Tesla just slow down our cars?



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    bill, there is no download when you buy the accel boost. The car reboots, you then have sport and chill instead of standard and chill.
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    What you feel is the accel boost
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    What I have noticed is a bit a a lag in acceleration for 2-3 seconds and then it takes off. Perhaps this is to preserve tire tread life. I got into the habit a few years ago in my S to get the car rolling before punching the accelerator. It really helped with tire wear.
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    Joho, check to see if obstacles aware acceleration is turned on.
  • "As would be expected, because it was Tesla had some minor problems ..."

    You are probably a victim of your own negative energy. My car probably went off the assembly line the same day as your own car on the Vin 106xx, and I know nothing about the problems you listed, including an imaginative slowdown
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    lbowroom, yes obstacle aware acceleration is on. I’ve found this setting very helpful. Twice, a car ahead accelerated and then unexpectedly applied brakes in the middle of an intersection. Car reacted well.
    I’m talking about an entrance ramp meter light with a open road ahead. The car does have a brief hesitation before taking off. I forget when the change happened but I remember it was noticeable.
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    How about turning it off to see if it still happens?
  • I have a 2019 (June) Model X Performance (without Ludicrous mode) - it only has Insane and Insane+ modes on it.

    The car used to do 0-60 in 3/3.1 seconds all day long with explosive acceleration from standing, (when I was sold the car it was stated as having a 3.4s 0-60 time). It was really the reason I bought the car (for the acceleration)

    Now the car struggles to hit 0-60 in less than 4 seconds, 3.9 is the best I can get it to do now. The performance degraded when Tesla pushed the the "launch mode/cheetah stance" software update. And before you ask, Launch Mode makes absolutely no difference.

    The difference is in the power delivery - previously, the power would hit 80-90% of maximum from standing then at 30mph would hit 100% power. Now, the power starts at 40% and gradually works its way up to 100% power, thus cutting the 0-60 time by >25%

    Basically, I paid for a performance model and now Tesla has taken it away, all I have is a short range Model X.

    I love my Model X, but quite frankly, Tesla has infuriated me more than any other car manufacturer I have ever been involved with - this is just another thing on the list.
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  • Uh, schedule service?
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