2017 Tesla Model S accedent from Turo user after ~150+ rents

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My wife and I have a rental business that started with our personal Tesla. Actually, we purchased the Tesla knowing we were going to rent it; wouldn't have lived comfortably with that car payment but really wanted a Tesla.

Long story short we rented the 2017 Tesla Model S out really well that we purchase a second; Tesla Model X 90D. Rented that out and now we have 6 Teslas, our own Tesla rental company here in San Diego with partners in LA, Hawaii, & FL. We even had an article written about us in Business Insider (search "Tesla couple" or "Airbnb for cars").

We've rented our Teslas out since Jan 2017. ~150+ trips (not days). This month we've had our first real accident. Estimate already in from the body shop for ~$25k and currently waiting for them to get started. Tomorrow will be 3 weeks basically waiting on Turo's adjusters to respond to emails and phone calls. Great experience with Turo in terms of the platform but when it comes to and customer service, there is a lot of improvements to be made.

I had a dashcam and have the footage of the accident. The driver ran a red light and T-boned another car intersecting them. I can share at some point.

I will continue to rent on Turo as this is the risk we were willing to take to get our first Tesla and now we have 6 without ever paying a car payment from our own money. Turo allowed us to build this and now have our own company with commercial insurance and plan to rent in tandem with Turo as Turo still provide great marketing and leads. Our website has a bunch of traffic and we rent off of Turo with our company and excited to get to a point not to have to rely on Turo's platform.

Our site is (leaving it here for anyone interested in looking into this more or contacting me not soliciting business)

I'm sure I left out a lot but ask me... I will also update as I get more info.

Ask me anything.


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    "Ask me anything."

    Why did you headline the thread about an accident when the intent was actually to promote your business?
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    @chadhurin - Actually, I found your writeup interesting and not spam.

    Question: Did the driver you rented to have his insurance pay of the accident or is it through your own insurance? P.S. really smart having a dashcam in your rentals.
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