Third party Tesla?

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Does anybody know about buying Teslas from a third party? I'm having serious doubts about my 2-year Model 3 reservation. Looking at Bolt, '19 Leaf, '19 Kona, or used Model S, but the ones from Tesla are too much $. My current car needs a replacement in a hurry and I don't think it will last much longer, probably won't even make it to get any of the 2019 models.
So, if I buy a used Tesla from a third party, I know I wouldn't get the free supercharging, but would I still get over the air updates? Who does the maintenance?


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    I just bought a used 2014 S 85 and supercharging is free, software updated and still under warranty for another 7 months. Service center welcomed me as if I was an original owner, including a loaner vehicle. Buying of course was as unpleasant as all used car dealer experiences but it was over quick. The only downside, which I posted already...looks like 1-2+ months to transfer ownership, which in my case means my speed has a governor on it and I cannot use the app. Not sure what else. I'm a big believer in buying anything used, savings outweigh downsides, especially if you do your homework. But it's a personal decision...I can also see the appeal of brand new! Good luck.
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    You get free supercharging for 2016 and older cars. After you buy the car, you have to contact Tesla so they can associate the car with your account (you’ll have to prove ownership). Other than that, there’s no difference between buying the car from a third party vs. buying directly from Tesla.
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    Agreed other than it only took a couple weeks to get Tesla to link it to me, most of that time waiting on the paperwork from the stat so I could prove ownership.
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    Depending on which configuration of the Model 3 you are looking to get, if you look at the update 3 page, it looks like most people will be getting their 3's by the end of this year.
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    I bought from a third party and we told at the service center that they could not help me. Gave me the number of support but was on hold for over an hour and gave up. I also emailed support 7 days ago and have not received any reply to my query. I would really like to be linked so I can get upgrades and the ability to user the app. Is there anything else I can do?
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    Yes, you get OTA updates and you do still get frree supercharging for life IF the tesla you are buying originally came with that. HOWEVER, do inspect the battery with Teslaspay app to make sure it has not significantly degraded. 1% per year or per 13,000 miles is normal.

    You can buy a cheap Tesla, BUT you may have to live with a funky color. A Teslam model S with 120,000 miles is for sale in my neighborhood for only $28.000. HOWEVER, it is SHINY GOLD colored !
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