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Background Check And Drug Screen for Gigafactory Job

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Hi all, recently I was offered a position at the gigafactory. Everything sounds great it all starts coming together I'm working with a recruiter etc etc. The day I accept the offer I get a few emails talking about background screen and a drug screen, cool no big deal no issues here. I complete the background information on a Thursday and the drug screen Friday morning. Now I'm just in a limbo of sorts I've put in my notice at my current job but have yet to hear back from virtually anyone. I've texted my recruiter a few times to only get one very bland response, and since he has virtually vanished no replies etc. Should I switch it up and email him or keep on keeping on? My issue is I'm packing my entire life up to move 2,000+ miles away but I'm getting radio silence from the other end, it is incredibly nerve wracking... Timeline is about 11 business days as of now.


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    Um, anything in your background report that might be a problem?
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    Not that I can think of no. Current Employer did one when I started there without issue so I can only imagine a 7yr dip wouldn't bring anything up, considering I've been there for 6yrs.
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    Never give notice until you get a signed job offer with no contingencies -- this is true for any employer.
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    Whatever happened with your job offer and how long did they take to get back to you?
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