Charging in Boulder

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We will be staying three days in Boulder and driving to Lyons. Our hotel is the Millennium at 1345 28th St. Does anyone have suggestions about preferred charging?


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    The supercharger at 28th St mall is very close to being open.
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    But if it's not, you could always keep going up the road to the Estes Park supercharger. It's open, according to

    Also, the PlugShare app is your new best friend. There is a lot of charging available in Boulder. (PlugShare shows Level 2 and even CHAdeMO at the 29th St. Mall Garage.)
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    Boulder's open now.
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    I live in Boulder county just outside the city limits. The two worst hotels in Boulder are the Millenium and the Broker. Both used to be wonderful and at one time were close to the best in town. Today I would not recommend either to my worst enemy. They may be cheap but you do get less than what you pay for.
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    The Boulder supercharger is now open
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    Charged there today. It's still not on the map.
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