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Apple Wallet Activated?

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I've witnessed an odd occurrence that happens in regards to my iPhones placement within my M3. Most often than not, when I place my phone in my cupholder closest to the credit card fob "start car" area, or on the surface itself, my phone's screen will display my Apple Wallet cards, in the same fashion it would if I were at the grocery store cash register paying with my Apple Wallet, finger print reader option and all.

Does this happen to anyone else?

I've been curious if this is some type of function for making purchases through Tesla? I've been to a Supercharger in my MX, but it's free, so I don't know if this is how Supercharging is paid in an M3.

Interested if this is some type of bug, or if someone may have some insight to share.


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    Lol...this actually happened to me when I rested my iphone on the arm rest. I tried a few more times just to make sure I wasn't going crazy. I think this only happens in certain situations. I was sitting in my car, car in park mode and had music playing, after about 10 mins or so (can't remember exactly) my Apple wallet with my credit cards was showing.

    If your phone is anywhere near the NFC reader by the cupholders, this would happen when the car is trying to "look" for the Model 3 key card. Once I was in drive mode, I couldn't replicate.
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    This is normal, on your iPhone anytime it comes near an NFC (near field connection) reader, the wallet app opens getting ready for a payment. The NFC reader in your M3 is there ready for the valet key. Don’t worry, it can’t charge your Apple Pay card anything, this is standard behavior of your iPhone.
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    I have a card holder that magnetizes to the back of my phone case. The car start card is in that holder. When I start my model 3 I have to hold my phone to the start column behind the cup holders. Every single time I do this, my Apple wallet is activated. Same thing happens when I hold it up to the B pillar to unlock the car. The type of technology that starts the car must be similar to the tech that is in the grocery store card readers. Nothing is interfered with, but it is annoying.
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    @rchicoine: I get the same behavior but the Tesla card isn't read (i.e., it doesn't work to lock/unlock the car by card when the card is in my phone case). My iPhone X case is a bit thick, however. Does your card still work if it's in that card holder? I end up having to fish the card out of the holder to hold it against the pillar, which is decidedly less convenient. Good thing the phone app works flawlessly.
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    This has been happening to me so I Googled the issue and found this thread. I use my phone as my key and keep the key card in my wallet.

    At least close to two thirds of the time my iPhone Wallet opens when I get my phone near the center armrest. It opens to my debit card (guessing it’s because that’s the most recent card used).

    At least now I know I’m not the only one it happens to!
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    It's not really an "issue". The car uses NFC, so does the phone, so they say hello to each other. This will happen in more and more places
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    Mine does this, as well. Makes me wonder what would happen if I double-clicked the jumping pay button. Would I be purchasing another Model 3?
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