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‘Spacex’ roadster 2.0

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Elon mentioned a ‘Spacex’ version of the roadster at the shareholders’ meeting today


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    There was a beautiful white and black roadster at the shareholders meeting today, kind of the same theme as the block 5 Spacex rockets. Elon mentioned that there may be a Spacex version upgrade. I’m too lazy to post photos of the white roadster, but it did have the windshield wiper installed, and it looks bonkers in-person. I’m sure someone else can post photos.
  • I am kinda curious how the spacex upgrade could boost performance any further. The base performance seems pretty crazy already.
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    more info on reveal
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    I can think of a few things that could make it faster. I think 1.6s is a reasonable target.
    Things that improve/protect for higher current and maximize traction. Hybrid pack composition, impingent or active Cell cooling.
    Maybe 4 motors for individual wheel traction modulation. (I’d like to see the full 4 motors anyway, since this car is the smack-down Maximus Tesla, you don’t want others claiming it ‘only’ has 3 motors just from a marketing perspective- kind of like razor blades.) I am hoping that my founders reservation gives me access to the highest performance options, with comfortable seat and good sound system, but everything else light, simple and elegant- Franz style.
    The roadster at the reveal (1.9s) was probably the result of just the basic brute force of a 200KwH battery pack with maybe 3300 amp output going to the 3 motors,-pretty much a basic hot rod without any serious tuning done to it yet.

    Elon looked tired- I know the look, I’ve designed/built plenty of automation while concurrently designing the product - ambition fueled zombie mode. Hard to sleep because the brain doesn’t stop creating and running numbers. I hope he gets a break at the end of the month.
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    I have it from a reliable source that internally the Roadster has already been tested at 1.7s 0-60. I think Tesla will have to go below that just for the numbers. Because in Europe we don't dismiss the 1' rollout and measure in 0-62mph, not 60. And I bet Elon will make the first production car ever that will break the 2s 0-100kph barrier, which would mean a 1.6s 0-60 in US terms.
  • If you're looking at things that come from SpaceX, I'd expect it to be something related to materials. Perhaps they'll get some of that carbon fiber technology that SpaceX have been developing for their fuel tanks ( Building the entire body from carbon fiber would likely help with performance as it's far lighter than aluminium. Other possibilities are 3D printing entire body parts as a single piece of metal using the technology that SpaceX uses to print engines. This also reduces weight as you do not need to join pieces together and reinforce them. (
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    I look at the ‘Spacex’ version mostly in name, styling, and pilot ergonomics/user interface. The printed stuff Spacex uses is primarily because of the very high operating temperatures, which is not an issue for a electric car. Magnesium and aluminum pressure casting is more suitable
    I think a carbon fiber tub is a possibility, (the Proto roadster looked to be composit build) and they may use the rocket autoclaves for initial prototype runs, but not much else. (My preference would be an aluminum body)
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    @cephellow: since they already had to use inconel contactors for the Ludicrous cars, Plaid will generate a lot more heat in the battery and wires. So that could be a good guess for usage of SpaceX tech. But my guess is more in the department of aerodynamics
  • Musk just tweeted this:
    SpaceX option package for new Tesla Roadster will include ~10 small rocket thrusters arranged seamlessly around car. These rocket engines dramatically improve acceleration, top speed, braking & cornering. Maybe they will even allow a Tesla to fly …

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    Elon is totally serious.

    If you go back to first principles, and ask “what’s the limiting factor?” - it’s the tires.

    The next natural step is vectored thrust independent of tires.

    10 nozzles gets you X Y - and Z thrust, at polar ends of the chassis.

    Z turns out to be very useful in crash mitigation - particularly when someone is about to hit you, even if you’re stationary. Effectively let’s you cloak some of the mass if you’re on a lift/glide surface.

    The ultimate airbags and crumple zones aren’t mass at all, but energy.

    Instant cold gas thrust, radar actuated before impact can outperform any crumple zone.

    It’s like having a crumple zone outside the car, - say a 20 foot virtual crumple zone equivalent, to handle the emergency relative deceleration before any impact. In favorable cases, the car could hop out of the way, even in a t-bone event, - and emerge without any damage at all.

    Explosive thrust is already core to how an airbag deploys.

    This is the next logical step, and will outclass anything else.

    Smart to use the Roadster to pioneer this at the high end, and then propagate it widely for next gen safety for any model.

    Another way Tesla can outflank any competitor by leveraging their unique competencies.

    Any shareholder who laments the relationship with SpaceX or Boring Co. just doesn’t get it.

    Bravo Elon. Exciting future.
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    Hoffmannjames, I’m a bit skeptical on that one. Kind of like The Boring Company ‘flamethrower’, or actually the ‘not a flamethrower’. I think he’s having some fun. I am getting the flamethrower though....
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    @cephellow: he is completely serious. There’s a Twitter storm going on right now about it. 10 cold gas rockets, using SpaceX carbon fiber tech.
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    Do you think it will increase the price?
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    I'm going to assume yes. By a lot. It's going to replace the rear 'kid seats'
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    Rocket boosters
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    How about keeping that SpaceX option package limited to the Founder's Series to give them something special a they parted with $250k 3 years before the car is being made?
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