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Front Camera Kit

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The Tesla Motors Club is an organization of Tesla owners and enthusiasts. Several of its members have come up with clever after-market add-ons for Tesla vehicles (not as profit-making products, but rather as cost-basis kits). One of the most admired of these is a kit to add a video camera to the front of the vehicle that can be toggled on/off in exchange with the rear view cam, displayed on the center screen, for use in parking (to avoid damage to the low spoiler on the front). A group purchase of a second generation kit is being organized at the moment. You can read more about this effort on the TMC web site:

We currently have 6 places left to fulfill our target of 50 participants (to make purchase of the requisite printed circuit board economically feasible). Come join us!


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    Did this ever happen? If so, how do I get one? If not how can i amke one?
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