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Tire Rotation for Model 3

I'm probably a month away from needing my tires rotated (around 6500 miles) so I called the Rockville Md Tesla service center (about 5 miles from my home) to find out what the deal is.

They charge $75 for the rotation and balancing of two wheels. Total time about 45 minutes. Seems a bit high but overall not bad.



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    Two wheels? So this is $75 per side/axle?
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    $150 total then? Does a rotation need to be completed by Tesla or could I go to a local place? I can't imagine there's anything unique about a tire rotation as long as they reprogram car to know which tire is where.
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    take it to any tire's about 25 per axle...lifetime balance and rotations (I have all my tires performed by my local America's Tires.
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    Can't imagine low profile tires needing to be re-balanced unless your feeling problems. Why not save money and just have them rotated?
  • $75 is the total out the door price cost for rotation and balancing.
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    Someone on the forum mentioned that this is free during the warranty period of the car. Can you confirm?
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    We've bought our tires from Costco for years, and they include rotation and balancing free for the life of the tires. So I wondered about a new car where obviously the first set of tires aren't from Costco. I asked recently. They told me they'll rotate and balance for $25.
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    Even if it was free, unless they are sending someone to my home to do it I'm not interested. My service center is 2 hours away so I'll go where I normally buy my tires and I'm sure it will be fine.
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    We just made an appointment for next week to have the tires rotated on our 3. (7,000+ miles.) I have a small list of other things they can check out while they have it. To be honest, the tires look to be wearing evenly, but better to rotate than to not on a RW drive car.
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    The wheels shouldn’t need balancing at this point. Not sure they’d need rotation either. Are they wearing unevenly?Tire rotation of all four wheels should be no more than $20 at a local shop, probably even less.
  • Last Monday I had my third tire rotation on my Model 3. All have been done at Tesla Service Centers and I have never been charged for the service.
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    Does anyone know how to reset the TPMS? I usually rotate the tires myself (on older cars)... I got all the jacks and pneumatic tools...
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    Discount Tire will always be my (free) choice for tire rotations -- and when independent mechanics are someday able to service my out of warranty Teslas, they will be my choice.
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    Do you really trust discount tires not to damage the battery with their jacks? Wow!
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    Message from Tyson's Tesla:
    "Unfortunately tire rotation is not covered under the vehicle warranty. It is a maintenance service. The tire rotation costs $52."
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    So tire rotation is either:
    1. Free
    2. $52
    3. $75

    Perfectly clear. ;-)
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    Get a decent jack
    Get a pneumatic gun for the bolts
    Loosen nuts on wheels on one side
    Lift car
    Remove bolts
    Switch Tires
    Switch Sides and repeat
    Total time 10-15 minutes
    Total cost: $80-200 depending on what equipment you buy
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    @CST You're not supposed to rotate just front to back though...
  • @vmulla - If you have more SC options (I am fortunate enough to have 3 all about the same distance from home) you should call around.

    This is what my service orders have looked like for all 3 of my requested tire rotations thus far:

    Concern: Customer: requested that the tires be rotated
    Pay Type: Goodwill - Service
    Corrections: Tire Rotation
    rotated all 4 tires per customer request
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    I was at the Marietta, GA service center today getting some dents that came with my car removed. I asked about this topic and he said they don't charge for tire rotation, they just enter it in their system as goodwill service.
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    Do it yourself, takes me 15 minutes, I do it every 5000 miles. You'll feel it driving if you need them balanced. Any good place will provide free balancing and rotation when its time to buy new tires.
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    I'm holding out for a place that'll throw in a free spare and a lifetime supply of cheetos.
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    $52 for tire rotation in Virginia, I just paid Tesla Service folks for the first time ever - for anything.
    Complementary car wash makes it hurt a little less :)

    I know there are other options out there, but I'm happy because of the inspection done by Tesla folks and complementary car wash.

    BTW my rear wheels were at 5/32 after ~12k miles. Tech told me I'm about half way through on my tires already :( time for more driving on chill mode
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    Funny, Costa Mesa rotated n/c.
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    @rxlawdude, I'm not feeling that way. It's a $52 joke.

    In general -
    I'm ok with paying as long as I know there's no subjective determination of who gets charged or not.

    Someone mentioned that these complementary service is paid out of a limited goodwill dollars that's given to each customer. If that's true, I ran out of that kitty because of all the fixes on my car - that's not fair either, my previous 'goodwill' service wasn't because of my fault.

    To be clear - I value rules and I value equality - so whatever the rules, apply them consistently across all customers equally and I'm satisfied. Even if it's for something as simple as a tire rotation.
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