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Let down again

We were promised a PW II delivery at the end of June, a second one to join the existing one I have had for a year now. All the prep work has been completed with a new consumer unit etc.
So I call to find out what day it'll actually be delivered and get some long excuse about a Giga factory issue yada yada yada… the net result is that it will not arrive until October (if it will actually arrive then).

OK let me compare this to Hyundai...

Worried that the M3 would never actually arrive I thought I would enquire about the Kona EV. Since then they have called me once every three weeks with the latest updates. The last one being when the firm order window will open and the UK specs. It looks like it will have about the same range as the M3 and be considerably cheaper.

I can't even remember when I sent my £1000 reservation off to Tesla but its well over a year now. Apart from the receipt, nothing has been sent, no updates, not even a "well we may get it to you by early 2020 …"

I'm sorry if this seems like a rant but I'm just running out of patience with this company. I went through all the neo-natal issues with the PW II, sending in screenshots of the issues, trying out various suggestions but I guess that counts for nothing.

Am I just being played for a mug?


  • My Power Wall was installed in Dec 2017, went live in Mar 2018 and failed a few weeks later. Tesla tested battery and determined it needed to be replaced. I have been waiting 3 months now for my replacement Powerwall. No one at Tesla can tell me when that will happen..
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    I am currently getting our 2 PW2 installation in Edmonds, WA by our solar installer (A&R Solare), who did our 13.2 kWh solar installation in 2012. They expect to finish the installation today, and I will report back on how things are working. Very sorry to hear so many negative stories about delays in getting PW2 installations and problems after the installation. It has certainly been one long process for me as well, but I am very excited about finally getting it done. Our installers seem to be very knowledgeable and just completed another PW2 installation last week in Bellevue, WA. PW2 installations are finally ramping up in Washington State.
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    Thanks for these tips mate.

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    My Solar City PV install in late 2015, and dual Powerwall install in January of 2019 went flawlessly. For my follow-up support for a couple of PW problems (my not understanding the system correctly) Tesla's response was stellar.

    I just want to throw out a little perspective that Tesla as a company isn't all bad.
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    You are correct, not at all bad. Except to those with such experiences. Hopefully my 2 PW install will go flawlessly ;)
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