14-50 plugin Wall Connector?

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Hi everyone,

I'm wondering if anyone had any updates on a 14-50 wall connector from Tesla? I know the current one gets hardwired but I saw a Youtuber about 6 months ago receive one that could actually plug into a 14-50 outlet, however, I haven't seen or heard anything. I like this option better as I can have the electrician simply install a outlet instead of it being hardwired, especially since I may not purchase a wall connector right away.



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    Why limit a supposed high capacity wall connector to mobil connection levels?
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    Hi Should_I. A couple of thoughts on this:

    - I will be running 6 gauge cable due to costs, space and length of the run so I don't think I'll be able to handle higher amperage.
    - This will allow me to use the mobile charger if the wall charger breaks (probably super rare).
    - Cheaper installation

    Interesting question though - what is the maximum charge rate of the Model 3? 48 amps? I know the UMC is limited to 32 I believe.
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    @Jlomb436, Quote: " but I saw a Youtuber about 6 months ago receive one that could actually plug into a 14-50 outlet, however, I haven't seen or heard anything."

    Yeah, I've seen a little bit of talk about that unit on the TMC forum. Tesla has never officially sold anything like that at all, so there is a lot of justified skepticism about what those things are and where they come from.
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    @Jlomb436 - Model S, X and 3 come standard with a 48 amp internal AC charger. For the HPWC, you would need to have a 60 amp circuit, to provide 48 amps. You drop the breaker rating to 80% for continuous power, such as an EV connection. In Canada it's 70%, so with a 60 amp circuit, you can pull 42 amps. Of course you can set the HPWC and the car to draw less than this if your panel or wiring can't handle these levels.
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    What are you talking about? The HWPC has to be hard wired. The UMC plugs into the 14-50.
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    If connecting to a 14-50 then just get a second mobile connector.
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    There's no reason a competent electrician should charge more to install a hardwired Wall Connector onto the same size circuit as a 14-50 outlet. In fact the Wall Connector only needs a 2 wire + Ground circuit so the installation material costs would actually be LESS for a Wall Connector than a 14-50 outlet. (Separate from the cost of the Wall Connector itself)

    And if you install a plug pigtail on a Wall Connector officially you'll be violating the NEC code because the total cable length from the plug to the EV plug will be too long. (And the plug pigtail needs to be 12" or less)

    Much simpler, safer and more reliable just to hardwire the Wall Connector like it's intended.
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    If all you want is a Tesla Wall Connector that is mobile and plugs into a NEMA 14-50 Wall socket . Then go to a hardware store and buy a 6 gauge 6 Ft 4-Prong Range Replacement Cord HDX and other companies sell them at Lowes or Home depot. it is rated for a 50 amp curcuit. The Wall Connector has an extra predrilled hole run the cable thru it connect the red Black and Green Ground to the Tesla Wall Connector and Cap the White wire wihch is a common and not used by the Tesla Wall Connector. Home Depot sells a small 1inch cable connector that secures your new cable to the wall connector and your done. Check YouTube there is an excellent video that show the above steps I just explained.
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    @ Mgdavila ... and creating such an item results in something that is no longer NEC code complaint. The "Personal Safety Device" (inside the Wall Connector) needs to be within 12" of the plug.
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    Assuming you are doing overnight charging, in almost all cases a 30A or 50A circuit provides enough power to fully recharge an S, X or 3 to 90% of charge.

    Charging faster is usually needed only for fast charging during the day - to recharge in mid-day before driving more for the rest of the day - and with the increasing number of superchargers, this is becoming less likely.

    We have two Tesla cars (an S 100D and a brand new X 100D). One car is connected to our 100A HPWC (which is limited to charging at 48A for our S 100D and 72A for our X 100D). The other car is connected to Tesla's 14-50 connector, limiting both cars to only 40A of charging.

    Our S 100D already has the 72A charging hardware on board, and is software limited to 48A. We haven't found any reason to pay the extra $1900 to remove the software limit and access the 72A charging.

    For anyone considering installing a charging circuit at home, look at how much driving you will typically do each day - including days when you might be driving a lot - and then look at how long it would take to recharge your car at 30A, 40A or higher - and I suspect you'll find that a 30A or 14-50 will be fast enough for overnight charging.
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    My 4yo mobile connector with my 75k mile care gets pretty warm at 24amps, warmer than a destination charger I used at 72amps. I have cleaned it so I suspect the terminals are loose causing less than great contact.
    Wall connector gives you not just the option to charge faster but some redundancy in charging solutions and spread the wear and tear around.

    In my case I would rather put in a HCWC now while my 40amp mobile connector still does work even if it is showing age, than just buy a new slower mobile connector.

    I never met the previous owner of my car but the Tesla service records indicate it was well cvared for. Wisconsin winter's mean that plugging in nightly is required much of the year, moreso than most would realize.
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    should_I +1
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    Tesla announced in January 2019 a NEMA 14-50 plug-in charger. I also viewed several Youtube videos on people who installed this. The plug-in charger was removed from Tesla site and when i emailed Tesla I was informed that it was no longer available and no plans to replenish the charger.

    I just had an electrician install a NEMA 14-50 outlet and was going to order the charger yesterday. Tesla has refused to respond to my inquiries on if the plug-in charger is going to be continued.

    Does anyone have information?
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    I know many of the above comments think you are crazy and also you are confusing the two, but Tesla DID offer a wall connector that terminated to a NEMA-14-50 plug. They offered it on the shop from about mid Dec 18 until they sold out in Feb.

    I also wrote a post about this...

    HPWC with the NEMA 14-50 plug ... Where did you go?
    Submitted by alsf2 on February 10, 2019

    Since these forums don't have a search function, it was lost in the topics (currently about 8 pages deep).

    Bottom line, half the posted didn't realize it was an option, and the others were sad it was gone. Honestly, it think it completely cut out the electricians, and therefore they scrapped it. I have given up that it will return, and plan on hard wiring a 60 A circuit.

    But to add insult to injury, ALL wall connectors show currently sold out on the Shop (except for the 8.5 ft cable).

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    One could easily add a 1 foot NEMA 14-50 to the standard HPWC. Cost is likely under $20. That said, my reading of the electrical code only allow 1 foot for this specific case. There may be jurisdictions that don't allow it as well, and may be why Tesla discontinued it rather than deal with complaints and returns.
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    I've got an EVSE that came with a 2.5 foot cord terminated with a NEMA 14-50 plug. If the Tesla HPWC has a place to terminate a wire, and it must if it's to be hard wired to a circuit, then buy yourself a short piece of #6 wire, a NEMA 14-50 plug, socket, and junction box face plate, and hook it up.
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    FYI: the 14-50 wall connector again shows up on the Tesla Shop (

    It was showing there last week as well, but out of stock. Seemed to have received more stock this week as the page is once again lit up.

    Be advised of the notation on the page though:

    "Note: Limited inventory available. Once current stock is sold, this product will no longer be available."
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    my HPWC (very with pig tail) is 6 months old.....I keep getting charging that starts at 40a and drops to 30a but goes back up to 40a.......this cycle continues throughout the charge cycle.......last week, it went to 40a and then to 30a, but never went back to 40a.....

    my electrician came by and checked everything, and even changed the Siemans 50a breaker...........

    I called Tesla and sent them a bunch of videos and screen shots from Teslafi showing all of the charges that this a email asking for address to send new unit today, and it was the old black one with o pig tail....although the cables were much thicker, I now have to hire a electrician to come back and re-wire the charger...

    Tesla said they would give me $250 towards installation, but that will not cover it....It is still under warranty so I am expecting to get the same type of unit I bought....

    My question is this: can I use the old pig tail and wire it to the charger? Or am I stuck with the hard wire solution.....if the grey unit (Gen 2) can be har wired, I would prefer having the newer unit..

    any thoughts?

    Thanks in advance for any suggestions
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    Talk to your electrician
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    Did your electrician check your ground by chance? I had a new service installed 2 months ago and they realized my old 1960s panel did not even have a ground.
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