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New advanced time based control unwanted recharging at night problems

A few months ago the Tesla power wall 2 app software (now version 1.16.2) was updated to allow for advanced time based control charging.

The Edit Price schedule allows you to slide to set peak and off peak times to deterine when you want to allow it to recharge the battery off the grid .

I have set mine to Peak 12;00am to 11:30 am and offpeak 11:30 pm to 12 am which should in theory disable any recharging off the grid (I could not see any other options to do this)

However, on the Energy Usage screen, each night at around 11:30 pm I see a huge 5.9 kw spike on the grid (incoming power) and the equivalent on the battery (recharging), which last around 10 -15 mins.

Any idea as to why this happens as its a waste of power (eg recharges the battery a bit only to then discharge it for the rest of the night)
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