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Bay Area PG&E Powerwall owners question

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Hey all,

I've been pretty happy with my 2 Powerwalls that I had installed in Feb of this year. Up until March (while PG&E was dealing with my permission to operate) my existing solar and Powerwall data was showing up on my PG&E energy use page. After March I have not been able to see it. Called PG&E several times including escalations to their top web department. Finally out of frustration I called again today and spoke with a high up rep that said the Powerwall rate plan (tariff) does not support online web viewing of data. Instead they send monthly hard to read statements (that I can download too).

Is this the same experience of other owners in the SF Bay Area / PG&E country? If so I'm kinda both upset and bummed. Being able to guage the amount of daily usage really helped. I know the app can do it, but its limited and you can't really keep track in detail for very long.


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