Flooded Tesla at Dania Beach service center

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my 2017 Tesla was flooded (declared a total loss) while at the Dania Beach service center. Tesla is not helping at all.. details coming


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    I suffered a total loss of my 2017 Tesla Model S (my second Tesla) while it was being serviced at the Tesla Dealership in Dania Beach, Florida on a service call to fix a brake job they didn’t fix properly when the car had around 5,000mi on it. While waiting for parts to be ordered, the car was parked by a Tesla technician in an outdoor loading dock space that was angled 35 degrees below the ground level, with the front load of the car well below service lot level. The drainage system where the car was parked was not properly maintained and was clogged with live vegetation and impacted soil. After a weekend of rains, water accumulated in this sub-basin area of the service lot and failed to drain and, as a result, my Tesla entire front end was submerged underwater until the Tesla dealership opened the following Monday. The car has been deemed a total loss. Tesla told me to call my insurance company!

    What I find important to share is that while I have suffered a total loss of my vehicle at the hands of Tesla, not a single Manager ever reached out to me as a gesture of good customer service. My numerous calls to Management were never returned. It’s been 6 weeks and not a single manager has reached out to me to try to discuss my loss. I was left only to speak with a non-manager “service advisor” who would give me periodic updates on Tesla’s attempts to diagnose the extent of the damage. Rather than call me to talk to me about this, Tesla referred this to their Legal Department. They completely disregarded that I am a CONSUMER and deserve answers. I wrote letters to Gus Cobeaga, Regional Service Manager and I received a “Read Receipt” so while he read it, he never reached out to me. In fact, he has turned away 2 calls that I have attempted to make to him directly and the operator returned to me and said, “The matter is with Legal.” I have never received a single communication from “Legal” nor a phone call. When I asked “who” in Legal is handling this, I am told that no one can find a name of a lawyer or even a number for the Legal Department. I have also written letters with Photos to Bill Madden, District General Manager and to Jullian Percella, Tesla Regional Marketing Manger --- crickets. No one has responded to me. Not a call. Not an email.

    As progressive as Elon Musk’s breakthroughs have been – the customer service and management dissipates when Tesla has to be accountable for its actions. Do they think I will “forget” that I’ve lost $85,000 because of their actions? By building a communication wall, they are apparently giving me no other choice than to sue them in court, which I do NOT want to do! This is an unfair practice to force me into litigation. ALL TESLA CONSUMERS BEWARE!
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    Document everything. Try texting Elon. When all else fails, lawyer up - Looks like Tesla already has, so it’s your turn.
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    Unbelievable, but their instruction to notify your insurance company is one you should pursue. The insurance company should be aware what laws apply and establish whether or not it, (the insurance company),is responsible. If not, I think the insurance company has some responsibility to pursue Tesla on your behalf, or at least advise you how to proceed.
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    This is crazy!! trying to be as IMPARTIAL as I can, I really think this is a symptom of the organizational structure, more than the staff of the service center.. I have also felt like I have not gotten the best RESOLUTIONS to some issues at this service center, but the staff and service reps have been as polite and as helpful as they can be. I cannot say that I have ever felt that they have been RUDE or dismissive, so if the message from the top is "don't answer any questions, refer them to legal!" then... they are just following orders... it is very frustrating because I have been told "I am just a messenger, I am sorry" and what they tell me could be frustrating, you have to remember they are a small cog in the LONG line of decisions that are made above them. The best advice is always ask "who do I need to escalate the to?" in my case that turned to be talking to rep in California... and then talking to that reps SUPERVISOR (which took A LOT OF ASKING FOR, they do not like to give their supervisors information) and then... I am getting some sort of resolution. just my 2 cents
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