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Palo Alto Super Chargers

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I stopped by the new supercharger station in E Palo Alto today. The workmen were busy hooking up the heavy duty cables. They thought they would be done in a few days. The chargers are already installed, all 20 of them! They are across from Ikea and next to McDonalds and other fast food. Just guessing that they will be running in the next few weeks, as Tesla has to configure them.
These will be a welcome addition to the chargers in and near Palo Alto, where the numbers of Teslas is awesome and had lead to some waits at the Mountain View SC stations near the computer museum. So hopefully the traffic will be split between Mountain View, Cupertino, Sunnyvale, and now Palo Alto. In general wait times have been coming down, even with many new cars. Looking forward to more fun discussions while I wait for either my S or my wife's X to get charged. Enjoy!


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    Latest news on the Palo Alto SCs being installed in E Palo Alto.
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    San Carlos had a soft opening a couple days ago. To add to the SC wealth...
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    Where is there a Mountain View Supercharger?
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    Sorry, never mind, of course, Computer History Museum. I was thinking the new one I'd heard was going in on Castro St. might have materialized.
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    As noted elsewhere, I doubt one will appear on Castro St. The pin is just the centerpoint of the city until a site is selected. I doubt it will be updated until the site is close to open. I suspect Mountain View has one of the highest densities of Teslas, although perhaps a city in Norway beats it out. So far I've not seen any new Supercharger construction here, but I don't get to every corner of the city!
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