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Ordered Powerwall 6 weeks ago (Orange County, CA), just received a call.

Received a call on Friday 6/29, about 6 weeks after reservation.
Long story short, with the current focus on Model 3 and high demand/thin supply of power wall, my order from mid May has been placed on hold.
I was told to expect the next call in December and current estimate for in service is September 2019.
CS rep was extremely friendly and seemed well informed.


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    Yes sounds about right, my installation was pushed back to 2019 as well..
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    I reserved it March 2018 and haven't heard anything yet. Long Island ny
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    My rep told me that there was lack of power walls. They wanted to do my Solar first, sign new papers and new loan then when the power wall became available do new papers and loan again. I was suppose to have my Solar and power wall before the summer hit and before i got my model 3. Now supposedly they wont be able to do it until September. Tesla is testing my patience.
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