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Any chance AM Radio will ever be added to the Model 3?



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    "AM and FM radio are relics of the past."

    No, but statements like that are indications of limited thought process beyond one's own nose.
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    And thanks, Tronguy, for the nice dissertation.

    I fervently disagree with dumb statements like "relics of the past." I hope that poster finds themselves in a cellular desert in a Model 3 when the lights are flashing on the "TUNE TO AM 1690 FOR EMERGENCY ROAD CONDITIONS WHEN FLASHING." That'll wake him up to why his statement is not only dumb, but potentially dangerous.

    Just some MY 2019 auto facts regarding AM radios:
    Virtually every ICE car for sale in the US: AM
    Chevy Bolt : AM
    Nissan Leaf: AM
    Toyota Mirai: AM
    Toyota Prius: AM
    BMW i3: AM, but disabled by software (hack available to make available)
    Teslas (ALL): no AM. (Tesla removed AM from the Model S sometime in 2018; Model X never had AM. Both Model S and X have XM Satellite Radio tuners. Model 3 has no AM and no XM.)


    I will not purchase another Model 3 (to replace my 2015 MS 70D) unless Tesla at least puts XM into the M3. It would pain me greatly to lose AM in a replacement Model S, too.

    (Cue more flamers.)
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    In my 2013 Model S, I can tune to a band ‘in between’ AM stations. I hear the sound of the electric motor as a motorbike sound. Pretty cool!

    Yeah, so anyway..
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    Buy an AM radio and double stick tape it to the dash.
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    @Atoms, nonsequitur and unoriginal.

    Nice try.

    I hate to sound like a broken record, but....

    Oh wait,
    Records are relics of the past. ;-)
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    Ignorant comments about AM or FM being dead imply that the holder of that facile opinion hasn't thought past being out of cell tower range, which is a frequent occurrence even in metropolitan areas, not to mention on cross-country trips. When I complained about lack of iTunes-like capability to play audiobooks and music from an iPod or iPhone, snarky comments about "well, it can't play 8-traks tapes either" came at me - there's no accounting for millennial sense of polite behavior.

    Same morons are probably the ones who think it was just wonderful that Tesla spent costly engineering and coding time coming up with fart noises instead of fixing the radio / playlist / USB management bugs/shortcomings. Having a (juvenile) sense of humor is OK, but priority-wise, I'd much rather see them bring the audio system up to the same standards of a $20K Toyota or Subaru than farting around with easter eggs. Pun intended.
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    Tronguy, as an RF PA design engineer, your comments were very entertaining and accurate. Thanks.

    Also, FM tuners are often integrated into chipsets these days (almost all smart phone chipsets have an FM tuner, but likely disabled through software, check out NextRadio app). I'm guessing the FM tuner in Tesla's are integrated into one of the other chipsets (LTE radio?) and is essentially free to Tesla. AM radio chipsets are out there but rare and would likely mean an added component. Also as already mentioned, the antenna are quite large, often looking like a coil of wire wrapped around a pencil (ferrous material) and no good place to fit in Tesla's electronics.
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    Short answer.

    NOPE !
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    Relic or not, its not going to be retrofit. Sounds like it's been mentioned that content can be ported through LTE. If that's not good enough for the dozen (Sarcasm) or so people who list it as a must have, vote with your wallet.
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    When the zombie-pocalypse happens, I'll realize that you guys were right. But seriously, you guys are too cool to carry a $25 transistor radio with a 12 V adapter?
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    Some AM channels are broadcast in the HD2 or HD3 of the FM stations.
    In NY - 1010AM Wins is 102.7 HD3, 880AM is 101.1 HD2. 710AM is 104.3 HD2
    Check your FM HD2 & HD3 in your area.
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    in the LA area and Orange county area, KNX 1070am is broadcast on 101.1 HD 2

    this is what my wife likes so I don't have a problem.....would like an XM tuner though........i have it in my other cars and love it especially when we travel out of range for AM
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    AM doesn’t work in an electric car. Too much ref interference.
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    Model 3s in continental Europe have neither AM or FM. Both are being closed down for radio use. DAB+ (Digital Audio Broadcasting Plus (‚Plus’ for second generation)) is the format used. It offers local or regional or national coverage, allows far more stations in static, hiss free digital quality.

    Join the 21st century!
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    For those ready to abandon AM and even FM, please remember that our 3’s are only the receivers of signals. It is the entities who transmit the signals that matter. We’ve seen much of AM broadcasts available in FM versions and on some streaming. But I’ve yet to hear of any AM traffic advisory transmitters doing so. It is only partially what we purchasers buy but what pressures are applied to the transmitters of information we want to get. At some point when the financials make sense, the transmitters will convert away from AM, but given that, for example, traffic advisories are most likely taxpayer-funded entities with many things competing for the money to upgrade, that may be a very long time. And many feel that that specific set of advisories isn’t broken, so why spend money to fix it. For at least that one use case, AM has an important near-term future. I regret my 3 doesn’t have it, but pleased that my LEAF does. Somehow, I manage to go on.
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    +1. While Tesla wants to be ahead of the pack, omitting currently viable communications options is, well, dumb.

    As to the person asserting that AM "doesn't work in electric cars," please see all Priuses and all Model S Teslas till mid-2017.
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    AM doesn’t work in an electric car. Too much ref interference.


    That is a plainly ignorant statement.

    For reference, AM in our 16 Model S works just fine.
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    BMW is also removing AM radio and there is a reason which this recap touches on.

    More than two years later, we may have a partial explanation to the question posed in the title. It turns out that several European countries are in the process of ending analog radio broadcasts altogether, replacing them with digital audio. Norway will turn off FM radio this year. In the U.S., fewer than one in five people now listen to AM radio, while use of satellite and Internet radio has risen rapidly. Perhaps BMW simply anticipated its inevitable decline, choosing not to make the effort to protect its audio system against interference with analog reception?

    BMW also states there is issues with AM radio and electric cars also which you can see in the last sentence. Sp hcdavis was partially correct. maybe you shouldn't call him ignorant.
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    1 in 5 is a lot higher than I expected.
  • @Joshan - If I gave a turd about what BMW was doing perhaps I would have bought a BMW. If I gave a turd what European countries were doing perhaps I would consider immigrating. And anyone that makes a blanket statement about AM radio not working in electric cars IS ignorant. Because last I heard, the Tesla Model S was an electric car, and in my personal experience, AM radio works just fine. I use it regularly.
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    they have to do special shielding for AM radio. That adds cost, with entire countries removing analog radio it seems a waste of time and oney to support it. It is fine you disagree with them, but they are following future trends as can be seen in all things they do. They are not looking backwards.
  • Stop trying to read too much into my statement bro and adding words that I did not type.
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    uhhh, what words did I add? I never quuted you. Thin skin much? Am I not allowed to disagree with you?
  • I can almost hear the whine in your voice with that last one.
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    dafuq? are you off your meds?
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