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Why Tesla don`t make Electric bikes?

The company manufactures and produce the line of sedan type cars, using lithium-ion battery cell as a “fuel”. Nowadays, there is great concern about renewable energy so far, the development of electric cars, planes, yachts were made. but not such popularity of electric bikes. I would like to suggest applying lithium-ion battery cell technology and introduce electric bikes using the Tesla`s electric bikes. In America and Europe, there is no such popularity of driving electric bikes as in China, whereas the benefits of using one are much more visible compared with the motor-gasoline engine. The only problem I face by using those simple lithium bikes is the limited distance you can drive it, usually only up to 40km. The price of such bike in China varies around 500 USD and it's widely used especially by low and middle-class workers, young teenagers and in small business. Now there is no strong brand of electric bike. On the Chinese market usually, there are unknown brands of such electric bikes, differentiating by the design and price. So, for the Tesla`s technology, I see the potential of entering the electric-bike market and introducing electric bike in the luxury segment and later transition to the middle class. As the popularity of the Tesla brand in China is very high, the customers are willing to pay extra for the brand name. So, with the Tesla`s technology the distance would increase up to 5 times, as well as the beneficial brand image of Tesla company would contribute for popularity in selling those ones. Tesla could use existing technology and large market potential to gain the niche market in long-term strategy applying it later in Europe and America.


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    The market is flooded with company's with ebikes. Don't get me wrong, Tesla could probably make a killing if they decided to enter this market
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    Because they make cars.
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    i'm willing to bet that is in the works. most of the hurdles i bet would be from corporate lobbyists whose interests would be threatened by its success.
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    I don't think that making electric bikes fits with Tesla's vision, "to transition the transportation industry to renewable/sustainable energy". Also, there are plenty of electric bike alternatives already on the market and there's not much there for Tesla to improve on. I own an electric bike and it is fun to ride . . . not as much fun as my new Model X, but it is a really fun bike!
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