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Model X - Claiming "Diminished Value" after an accident.

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Greetings to all. Worst nightmare happened, in that my Model X, at only 3 1/2 months old, had an idiot run into the back of it. About $6-7,000 of damage to the X. His Dodge Magnum is probably written off which serves hime right for trying to push 5,650 lbs of Tesla (and me!) out of his way!

Question is though, if this has happened to others in our group, how much did the other guy's Insurance company pay for the "Diminished Value" claim? The bodyshop that has my X (for at least a month they say, but that's another issue) have a appraiser to whom they will refer me when I finally pick up my repaired X. But I have no idea for how much I should expect to negotiate.

Any thoughts? It is a 2018 X 100D with 12,114 miles (In 3 1/2 months. Yes I know, but I LOVE driving it!)


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    I am so sorry that happened to you, and hopefully it isn't that bad. I do know many insurers do not offer diminished value as coverage, deny something like that exists, and usually will fight having to pay anything in regards to that.

    When I picked up my brand new Kia Soul EV, one month later it got into an accident at no fault of my own. Being a hard to find model at the time and being an electric vehicle it took over 6 months to come back... with a total repair bill that could have easily just replaced it! It's still ongoing but the insurer is already being completely ignorant about diminished value... not just because of that but I did eventually have to retain an injury lawyer.
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    Troll down to diminish value it will lead you to where you can get a free diminish estimate, I used this info to help me settle 2 claims with the insurance company as they offered less but with this info they increase their offer significantly
    Troll down to diminish value it will lead you to where you can get a free diminish estimate, I used this to help me settle a claim with the insurance company as they offered less but with this info they increased their offer significantly, don't let the insurance tell you that you can't collect for diminish value I've collected twice Good luck
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    Damn sorry about the jacked up post I posted that like I just returned from Colorado :-)
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    Rocky Mountain high, colorado
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    lol Yep
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    If you're in California, you may be out of luck. Your own insurance will not recognise Diminished Value claims.

    Your only real option is to go after the At Fault driver's insurance company and press a claim with them, and hope that that driver carried enough insurance to it.

    My dad's Model S75D got rear ended on 9 - 11 last year. 46 days in the shop, $20,000 in repairs, and the new Tesla car smell completely gone. The guy who hit me was underinsured, his insurance not even covering completely the $20,000. I didn't bother with pressing a Diminished Value claim since the guy who hit me worked as a building custodian.
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    According to JD Howard a retired adjuster with 25 years of diminished value claims you can collect in every state but Michigan...
    Can I Collect Diminished Value (state-by-state) ?

    From the at-Fault Party's Insurance Company ...
    YES; in Every State except Michigan.
    If the at-Fault Party has No Insurance ...
    YES; under your own policy's Uninsured Motorist Coverage, but only in the following states: • Alaska • Arkansas • California • Delaware • District of Columbia • Georgia • Hawaii • Illinois • Indiana • Louisiana • Maryland • Mississippi • New Jersey • New Mexico • North Carolina • Ohio • Oregon • Rhode Island • South Carolina • Tennessee • Texas • Utah • Vermont • Virginia • Washington • West Virginia.
    From My Own Policy's Collision Coverage ...
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    @Triggerplz. Thanks for the information. Maybe I backed down too soon. I inquired about pressing a Diminished Value claim with my insurer, USAA, and they shut me down out of hand.
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    @avestaggiana You welcome, when I first inquired about it my claims rep said they don't pay diminish value claims after I did some research and got her supervisor involved we made a settlement.. The second time another car of mine was hit this person had a different insurance company they also said I couldn't collect for diminished value once I let them know I had previously settled a claim with another company that got the ball rolling and they also settled..By the way neither one involved my MX, the first one was a Lexus GS350, I went to my lexus dealer who provided me a letter with the value of the car before it was rear ended and the value of it afterward it was repaired which I used to settle the claim
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    I always ask for 10% of the KBB value of the vehicle at the time of the damage. That's about what you'll lose when you sell it. The other insurance company will offer half that but if you stand firm they'll give in (at least they have for me).
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    @packpike + 1 Sounds good
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    I live in SoCal and went through a long process to recover a loss of use claim and diminished value claim on my X that was damaged to the tune of $27,000 in an accident that was clearly not my fault. The car was 6 months old with about 4500 miles on it. The at-fault insurance company was refusing to even discuss diminished value and was low-balling the loss of use claim until I hired the Goel firm that works out of Beverly Hills. They are experts regarding these claims. They helped me recover a substantial amount. The law is clearly on your side regarding these claims in California, as it should be. Pursue all your options and no this isn't a legal ad, just an owner who has never paid that much money for a car in his life and wanted rightful compensation and got it.
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    Hi, can one actually list the numbers for the diminished value claim. I was hit, other party accepted claim, what would be a good number to settle at on a 37k damage? 10K or 15K?
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    @Kitt Go up to my July 13 2018 post follow my instructions after clicking the link
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    My X got hit in Nov '18. 7 cars were involved on the highway and my wife was mixed up in it. Took 2 months to get it back from the bodyshop, about $4,500 in damage. At the time we had 24k miles on our mid 2017 X 100D.

    On the advice of an attorney, I paid $500 out of pocket for a Diminished Value expert to look over the X after it came out of the shop. He produced a 40 page report which I then sent to the at fault insurance company.

    I called 3x within about 2 months and then voila, my check showed up. If you're wondering, I got ~9k, in DV separate from the cost to fix my X.

    According to the DV expert I used, his success rate is over 90%.
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    @bbloomfield what was the DV expert you used? Thanks
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    Very tough luck. You'll need a good appraisal and persistence. Do not settle for an independent appraisal company that uses formulas, algorithms or ad comparisons. Many appraisal companies work for insurance companies as well as for car owners.Find one that does not work for insurers and is not looking to impress any for future client consideration.
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    Just received $25,000+ for accident on GG Bridge in June 2018. Rear ended and pushed into car in front. About $20K to repair, paid by my Ins Co. Filed DV claim against at fault insurer 12/18 asking for $50K ($500/day for like rental plus DV of $22K). After getting nowhere. Hired DV attorney 8/19. Of course he gets 33% of the $25K, but I still feel like I came out whole on the deal.
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    d.cherin : wthat attorney was that? looking into a similar matter, thanks.
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    I'm afraid that I'm answering a question that was meant for someone else. Not sure if he covers your area but the most knowledgeable diminished value attorney in California is Russell Kerr.

    Mr. Kerr refers clients to us for diminished value appraisals throughout the US even though he doesn't work outside of California. Each time we've spoken I gain a little more knowledge, especially about legal matters specific to California.
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    I started by getting an Appraisal $999.00, which I included in my claim. All done by email.
    Steve Proto
    Certified Auto Appraiser

    Here's the info on the DV attorney I used:
    Sami Goel | The Goel Firm P.C.
    433 North Camden Drive
    Suite 600
    Beverly Hills, CA 90210
    Tel: 424.281.4377
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