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Powerwall shutdown with grid voltage drops

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My Powerwall 2 has been running great since April, but last weekend, we had our first really hot day with temperatures well above 100 degrees. For three days in a row, it would shut down around 1-2 pm when the outdoor temperature is above 100 degrees. It wouldn't charge or discharge even after power cycling the unit, but it will be fine the next morning. After contacting Tesla support, it appears that a voltage drop in the grid due to increased demand at these peak hours on a hot day has shut the system down. Anyone else have experienced this? There's going to be a lot more hot days ahead, so does that mean, i won't be able to use the powerwall when I need it the most?


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    It seems more likely that it's reaching its thermal upper limit and is shutting down to protect itself. You could make sure it's shaded from the sun, and even put some pedestal fans blowing air onto it.
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