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Powerwall installation delayed until 2019 :-(

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I'm in the SF Bay Area (Tesla's backyard). Ordered my Powerwall in February, had my site inspection in April, and got my quote and put down my $500 deposit in May. Then last week I got an email saying that they can't give an estimate for installation, and that I won't hear from them for another six months.

Here's the main part of the email:

"Due to current product limitations we have placed all Powerwall projects on hold pending a formal installation timeline. Once we have a definitive timeline in place, we will begin moving forward.

"In the past we have provided soft timelines but have had trouble keeping to those expectations. In the best interest of our customers, we are now holding off on providing timelines that we are unable to honor. We appreciate your patience as we work to meet the growing demand of this product. I will reach out again within 6 months once we have an update."

Pretty disappointing.


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    Hang in there, I certainly understand your disappointment. It took me close to 3 years to finally get our 2-Pw2 installation last month. For us the wait was definetly worth it. We have used no grid energy over past 24 days, and are actually exporting 62 percent of our excess solar energy back to grid.
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    I am in NJ. Order my PV system (12Kwh) plus 3 PW2's in Dec 2017. Before installation of PV (April 2018), they contacted me to inform me that they will split the installation for PV vs. PW's and that the PW's will be 2-3 month delay...BS ! Not only has my PV system not been turned on yet (because of another debacle caused by the permitting process when they split the system installation (PV + PWs), I inquired and got the same automated response - 6months out before another update and everything on HOLD for Powerwalls.

    Very disappointing...

    With the recent news that they hit the 5,000/week production of Model 3's - they should be able to gauge and give LOYAL customers a definitive date for receiving their PW's.

    no other move but to wait...
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    The Powerwall is not the only system on the market, and indeed I've become somewhat disaffected with mine over the last few days owing to Tesla's upgrade to the firmware limiting my ability to control it. Perhaps you should take the delay as an opportunity to consider the alternatives. The fact that my initial one failed within an hour of installation, and cause a blackout in my house (the exact opposite of the reason it was purchased) raises doubts about its reliability as well.
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