Thruster prediction

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Search vacuum cleaner Chaparral. Used fans to suck air from beneath the car. The ex-F1 driver said he never got to the limits, so far out of his experiences. I saw it race and it was just cruising around Laguna Seca, blowing off (literally) the other CanAm cars. It was banned...

So, the thrusters will be pointed up, providing downforce without the drag of spoilers and having this force available at even slow speeds as in the start of a drag race or through a tight corner at a race track. They would most likely be situated both front and rear and the thrust would be instantly apportioned depending on need.

The Chaparral, as I recall, used a beefed-up suspension and special high-load tires to cope with the downforce which I think was enough to stick the car to the ceiling even when stopped.

A Roadster equipped with thrusters would be faster than any other car with with similar power and would stop at a possibly dangerous G-force.

I just cannot see thrusters pointed out from the car, blasting adjacent motorists.


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    When tires are cornering near their grip limit, a little boost from a lateral thruster would make a huge difference. Even more so when the road adherence isn’t consistent (puddle, leaves, gravel, sand, snow, ice, etc).

    If indeed the car can fly short hops, could get out of traffic jams onto a side road... a dream come true!
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    Not only when cornering but also acceleration and decelerating. The limit placed by tire grip for all cars no longer exists. It is in essence "flying". A little can go a long way when added on top of the traditional way of force transfer.
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    Side thrusters would indeed be more effective on slippery roads, but there is the issue of blasting others. It simply won't be legal. Down-thrusters normally would give more traction than anyone could stand, even the F1 driver mentioned was afraid to find the limit (and he didn't have as the Chaparral was much faster than the other horrendously powerful CanAm cars with giant spoilers).

    E-planes are coming, but they won't be cars. Simply put your Tesla in the BFR, fly it to wherever and drive off.
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    Elon has said this is not to be used in urban settings. It likely will be used only to set track records. Nothing's wrong with that either. None of those hypercars, including the base Roadster, are supposed to ran full blast on city streets.
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    Ha, Musk would appreciate down-thrusters being deployed where people can see them, and feel the sound pressure. Only down-thrusters can be used at any speed anywhere. They could also safely shoot flames and be synchronized to play music.

    You don't buy this sort of car to be constrained by propriety.
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